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Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Galax Leaf

The most versatile, the most wonderful, the Galax Leaf.

Bouquets of flowers are so much prettier when the rim of the vase is cushioned by a few leaves.  The Galax leaf does it most beautifully.

It only takes 2 Galax Leaves and a single flower to fashion a perfect Boutonniere.

Galax leaves come in bunches of 25 to 30 leaves.  They last in the refrigerator, without water, for months and are ready to use when you are.

They make the perfect Tussie Mussie, a lovely gift.

Galax Leaves grow in Forests of the Eastern United States

Galax grow mainly in the Appalachian Mountains. There have been concerns over the excessive harvesting of galax leaves.  Commercial production, galax propagation and container culture is being explored. 

Galax are an evergreen, herbaceous perennial plant of the genus Diapensiaceae.  Your florist will order them for you...they are very handy to have around.

Have a wonderful and successful week my dear
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  1. Absolutely beautiful arrangements dear Gina - amazing how even one bloom can look perfect surrounded by galax leaves. I had no idea they came from the Appalachians - not too far from us!
    Worked in the garden yesterday and planted some of your aster seeds - hoping to have better luck this time. Of course my front beds are not so pretty since everything was cut back or removed when the house was re-sided last fall - but I'm always hoping things will eventually pop up again!

    Hope all is well with you and G - will e-mail soon to catch up - going to Charlotte this weekend to visit friends. Hope you have a nice weekend with sunny, warm days.
    Hugs - Mary

    1. Dear Mary, I am so pleased that you seeded your Asters. I so hope that they will germinate for you because they are such a lovely and colorful addition to any garden.
      Have fun in Charlotte and bring back a few pictures.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Rick. Thank you also for your visit.

  3. Dear Gina - I have never heard of galax leaves before, but I can see what a delightful foil they serve
    for flowers. Your unusual selection of daffodils are beautifully offset by the galax leaves.

    1. Dear Rosemary, I have not seen the Galax leaves used in Europe. Not many people know about them in this country. What is so wonderful about them, besides their unusual shape, is that they will keep in the refrigerator for many months, always ready when needed.

  4. Dear Gina,
    these pretty leaves remind me a little of the Bergenia and its big leaves. I have not had luck with them here in Texas though. The Galax plant should work here if it is available and I have plenty of shade. The dark green leaves with the Daffodils are very lovely. You make the best flower bouquets.
    Hugs, Sieglinde

  5. Dear Sieglinde, I don't know much about the requirements of the Galax plant. I do know that they are very fussy about growing conditions...mostly having to do with the soil chemistry. That is why they only grow in very restricted areas. I have not seen them being sold in nurseries.
    You are right the leaves are similar to Bergenia leaves, only a little more leathery.

  6. Very beautiful arrangenents. Have a Happy weekend Gina. Hug.

    1. And a happy new week to you Sandra. Thank you for your sweet compliment.

  7. Wonderful as always, Gina! Are you on Instagram? If not, it would be a lot of fun and there are so many home enthusiasts there.

    1. Hi Janet, I am not, but that would be a good idea. Every now and than You can find me on Pinterest.
      Thank you for your visit and comment. It is very much appreciated.