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Sunday, July 15, 2018

We have our Pond back

After more than two months of occupation by wild Canada Geese

We have our pond back.

Between eight and nine families would cruise the pond.

Looking like they are getting ready for  Machiavellian maneuvers.

Every few days a new family would appear.
And, they would stay.

When small, they look like little monsters.

It didn't take them very long to find Clyde and 
Lola's (our resident geese) feeding trough. 

Something their parents have never done. 

They didn't used to come to our pond. 
Every now and then a family would land on their maiden flight and almost immediately fly away again.

Back at the house.

Poppies are blooming and


Salpiglossis in many colors.

More poppies.

the lowly Petunia

I'm glad the geese are gone.  They thought nothing of  marauding my flower beds during the night.  

Hollyhocks finding their own places.

All is quiet on the Pond.

Just the way I like it.  

Have a great week dear friends. 



  1. I can well imagine how lovely it is to have your pond back again. To have the geese must look very special as they swim up and down, but they do leave a lot of not very nice mess on the grass. How beautiful and colourful all of your flowers are looking Gina, I especially love Salpiglossis and hollyhocks.

    1. Dear Rosemary,
      There are advantages. It all gets swept up and made into fertilizer. I spoke too soon. A few small families came back during the afternoon. Can't blame them. I have finally learned that if I want Salpiglossis I have to plant them into pots. That way the little ringworm can not get to them.

  2. Hoping all that beauty remains a bit longer Gina!
    The hollyhocks, poppies and salpiglossis are so lovely.
    Yes, farewell messy geese - I just know you are happy they've moved on!

    My sunflowers were attacked last night - several large stems gnawed and the heads on the ground with the seeds eaten - deer I'm certain as all the other critters are much smaller and could never do that.

    We win some, we lose some!
    Hugs - Mary

    1. Dear Mary,
      I'm keeping fingers crossed that August will still show off lots of blooms. I know that the vegetables will be ready for us to pick.
      I'm sorry about your sunflowers. I know how you feel. And your sunflowers were especially beautiful this year. Something is eating my Sweet Peas. As you have said. You win some, you lose some.

  3. Your pictures of your home are just gorgeous! I’m glad your flowerbeds aren’t being destroyed anymore, not to mention all the goose droppings!

  4. Hello Katherine,
    Thank you for stopping by Katherine and leaving such a sweet comment. It is so appreciated.

  5. What a lovely blog you have. So happy to have found it. Your flowers are so lovely. I agree that Canadian geese can be a bit pesky and leave a mess behind. Do you think that Canadians call them American geese?

    1. Hello Peace, I'm so glad that you stopped by. American Geese? Probably not.

  6. My friend Mary from a Breath of Fresh Air gave me the link to your blog. Your gardens look lovely. We have a pond in our neighborhood and the last week we have had about 30 geese come and stay!

    1. Hi Penny, I love Mary's blog. She is such a fine photographer. I'm so glad that you came by for a visit. Please come again.