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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Please watermark your photos

And why not, it's so easy.
There are many programs available for watermarking your photos.

I like PicMonkey.  It's free for a trial period.

I can place my watermark anywhere within the photo.
That is very important.  It acts as a deterrent to those who want to steal your material.

If you are a blogger, you must read this recent post by Susan of "Between Naps on the Porch". 
She warns us that the entire content of your blog can be stolen by "Scrapers", then used to make money for them.  Not you.
After you read her lengthy and very informative post you will definitely want to watermark all of your photos. 

Place the watermark in such a position so that your photo can not be cropped without losing its main image.

Here is how to watermark with PicMonkey.

1)  Upload one of your photos
2)  Click on T under Basic Edits
3)  At top, click on Add Text
4)  Text Box appears in middle of your photo 
5)  Click inside box and type text (your watermark)
6)  Now you can edit your text, font, italics, bold, color, fade, etc.
7)  Drag text box wherever it looks best.

There are many programs available which make watermarking your photos very easy.
The important thing to remember is that you actually do it.

Have a great week my dear
Blogging Friends


  1. Gina I know I should probably do that however I don't right now! Yes, PicMonkey is wonderful - are you still using the old version or did you move to the new one? I still use old because I'm too impatient to learn the new things - but I must some day, especially as I'd like to learn how to remove backgrounds!

    Gorgeous flower pix - you have an astounding garden every spring and summer when it comes to brilliant colors.
    Love you -

    1. Dear Mary,
      For now I have decided to use the old version of PicMonkey. I have tried the new version and dislike it so much that I called PicMonkey and pleaded for a similar version of the old. I would think that that is possible since it is already set up.
      For your beautiful and very professional bird photos you really should watermark them. You can let Google check your photos to see if any of them appear other than in the intended (your) blog.

  2. Dear Gina - I have to pay for PicMonkey - perhaps it is only free in the States.
    I am thinking that I might have to give up PicMonkey because like Mary I still use the old which will no longer be available after this December due to adobe flash stopping. I emailed PicMonkey last week and asked about the old PicMonkey and they said that from December only new PicMonkey will be available. However, I have tried it and I don't like it, or for that matter don't understand it.
    I am pleased that you have mentioned this topic because I am not too sure just what I shall do in the future.

    1. PS I have to click on T under basics edits!

    2. Thank you Rosemary...my error, yes it is T.

    3. Dear Rosemary,
      PicMonkey is now free only for a trial period. A simple version used to be free but no more. I still use the old version. I also contacted PicMonkey a few months ago. They told me that I would like the new version if only I gave it a chance. For now I have decided to use the old version until December of this year. Maybe there will be other users, like ourselves, who will put more pressure on them to provide a basic version for those of us who do not need all the bells and whistles the new version provides.
      We might have to do a little research and check out other options. I hate to leave PicMonkey just as I hated to leave picnic(?spelling) PicMonkey's early version many years ago.

    4. When PicMonkey wrote to me last week they asked me what were the problems with new PicMonkey so perhaps I better reply to them and say that I prefer the easy straightforward basic edits and so do many others that I know. New PicMonkey is horrible - do give it a shot so that you can see what you think and let me know, but I don't think that you will not like it. It seems to be pandering to professionals rather than the likes of us.

    5. Dear Rosemary,
      I am actively looking for another solution. A quick search into the internet promises to have a few solutions for us. There are photo editing programs available which are very similar to PicMonkey. I found a program which I think will work for us.