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Saturday, November 14, 2009

They are out of the Kiln

I have a bunch of great students. Their work is as varied as their personalities and their ages.

Cindy, student, mother, and housewife has taken an earlier workshop from me. She is painting 42 more tiles, all putti, for her little boys' bathroom.

May has never painted a tile nor has Ricky

Not too bad for a first timer

May is an artist, you can tell.
Many more tiles will come out of the kiln today. Everyone had a very busy day yesterday. Today, last day, is always the most productive. The kiln will be working overtime. I will keep you posted.


  1. Oh, they all look wonderful! And to my untrained eyes, they look perfect, and not the work of students at all. I didn't realize it was a tile painting workshop! I live in an area that was famous for pottery (Liguria's traditional pottery is white with blue designs). It is now a struggling craft. When I first had the idea of fixing the chair damage on the wall in my kitchen I thought of painting tiles Portuguese-style. But I couldn't find a workshop that would make the materials and the kiln available. I would have loved to take your course, Gina!

  2. Hi Francesca, Did you "repair" your walls with your mosaic idea? Painting ceramic tiles is very, very easy. The difficult part is finding someone who can get you started. We have in the U.S. "Color me Mine", a shop that supplies everything, i.e., expertise, studio time and kiln. Once you learn the basics you can work on your own.

    There is a school in Deruta where you can learn how to paint ceramics. The "Scuola d' Arte" is a wonderful place. You pay by the hours of lessons taken. There are other such schools in Italy, maybe some closer to where you live.

    When I first started to paint ceramics I took my unfired pieces to a shop that specialized in ceramic supplies. For a small fee they would fire my bisque ware. Sometimes, university ceramic studios will fire your pieces.

    I would love to show you how to paint Portuguese tiles. See if you can find a supply store that sells bisque tiles (once fired clay tiles ready to paint), a few brushes and ceramic paints.

    You are very talented, maybe I can show you how by pictures and written instructions.