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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Of Mice and Men and my Cymbidium Orchids

This time of year my Cymbidium Orchids start blooming ... just when I need them

The first year my orchid had 3 flower spikes

The following year my Cymbidium had 6 spikes

In the summer I park my orchids outside, behind the garage, in partial shade.   I leave them outside until the first light frost in late September/early October.  (A light frost will set flower spikes) 

Last year, just about this time of year, 16 glorious flower spikes appeared all at once

 And this year I have pots of Paperwhites blooming,  MICE ATE THE ROOTS OF MY CYMBIDIUM ORCHIDS




  1. Gina, the orchids are (were?) so gorgeous!! I do adore paperwhites as well though! Beautiful with a white, silver, gold Holiday decor!

    Do come and enter my Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!!

    Art by Karena

  2. I'm sorry about the mice! Perhaps you need a cat:)
    I was thinking, Gina, that it would be very nice if you did a post on bulbs to plant at this time of year (I know, it's already a little too late in many parts of the world). I've been trying to find different bulbs around here, but they only carry tulips and hyacinths!

  3. Hi Karena, Thank you for the invite. And you are right, paperwhites look great with Holiday decor. I also like their scent, some people can't be in the same room with them.

  4. Dear Francesca, We have a cat. Stanley is a very good mouser and also takes care of a few other vermins. Living in a place with open fields all around we just have to let nature take its course at times.

    We plant bulbs in late October in our area. Except for paperwhites which I plant in pots for indoor enjoyment.

    I don't know how cold it gets in your area. Most bulbs need a 6-week pre-cooling period where the winters are mild. Have you checked bulb catalogs for Italy. What about Holland?
    In our area most of our garden centers and even grocery stores carry a good assortment of Spring bulbs in the Fall.
    By the way, Rodents love tulip bulbs. They don't like daffodils because they are poisonous.

  5. I am sure the mice knew what a delicacy they were eating when they gnawed the cymbidium roots! How kind of you and Stanley to let them dine on them! Oh well....paperwhites do smell amazing, so pungent! I love them!

  6. Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's Garden Party! Gorgeous orchid...& yes, a cat would be a good addition...but i've heard cats are known to chew on house gems too!xoxo, Tracie