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Monday, April 11, 2011

Art in Bloom

An event held at the Museum of Fine Arts, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

I was invited to interpret a painting with flowers

The rose you see attached to the sword had to last for the duration of the Exhibit.  I dried many a red rose in sand from the Great Salt Lake to match the exact color of the ribbon on his chest.

Only a few Floral Designers were invited to participate from our Salt Lake City area.  I was one of them.

Making these exotic flowers last for an entire week was a challenge.  They had to be "conditioned" properly.

The German Officer's  sword was given to Gene from a very dear Friend.
The antique French Urn was purchased many years ago.

Floral Designers, Rob W. McFarland and Jerry Stanger

Floral Designer, Amy Lewis, Diane Donahue, Peggy McLean, Carrol Mitchel, Lake Roland Garden Club

Floral Designers, Barbara Baldwin, Georgia Grey, Garden Club of Denver

Floral Designer, Holly Clark Wright


From the book entitled "Art in Bloom" by Victoria Jane Ream
Photography by Sjur Fedje
Publisher-Deseret Equity


  1. I enjoy these interpretations, especially yours and the last one. And I like the idea that a museum would be so creative to think of flower arrangements to complement canvases.

    Through the years, the Fine Arts Museum of St. Petersburg has hired a local actress to perform as famous artists, and she's made a second career doing that.

  2. "Floral Designer" sounds like a wonderful career, and paintings and flowers (those flower interpretations) go so well together.

  3. Dear Mark, There are several Museums who hold this benefit event every other year. If you hear of one in your area you must go see it. It is usually held in the Springtime.

  4. Dear Francesca, I was in the oil business for many years. When I retired I wanted to "play" with flowers and "Gina's Extravagant Flowers" was born.

  5. Hi Christine and Steven, No wonder we are friends, we like flowers...and we like Stevens' creations in the kitchen.

  6. Congratulations on being chosen for this event. Your "bouquet art" is gorgeous!! I just recently attended the "Bouquets in Art" exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. It was a fabulous event with the bouquets' interpretations of the art. And what amazed me the most was that, even though the bouquets were very interpretive in person, they were amazingly so when I looked back at the photos that I took!! I was amazed - you could really see the resemblances! If you are interested, I could send you some of my photos. Unfortunately, stupid me, I forgot my camera so I had to rely on my phone's camera so the pictures are not the best but the interpretations are very clear!

  7. Hi Barbara, I would love to see your photographs. How interesting that your exhibit was called "Bouquets in Art". Would you share your experience in a post in your blog?

  8. Hi Gina,
    I will send you the pictures on your email. Even though I would love to tell about "Bouquets in Art", it doesn't keep with the "Italy" theme of my blog!!! I told myself I wouldn't deviate from my theme....so, if I can somehow find a connection, I will write a little post, but in the meantime, I will send the pics!!!

  9. Hi Gina,

    I'm with Mark on this one. Yours and Holly's were, I felt, the best interpretations. Sounds easy, but I know it's not.

    How do you dye your roses? Dye it while fresh and then dry?

    I cannot imagine you in the oil business with all of your creative genes. They must have exploded once you allowed them to have free reign!