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Monday, November 14, 2011

European Fashions are sporting a new Color

A very lively red with a hint of orange.

The beautiful red Jacket in the window of the fancy Italian Shop had a fur collar.  No, can't do.

With a clear conscience I purchased this red belt.

The Nasturtiums in my Greenhouse are the same color as my new belt; My belt is the same lively red as the beautiful fashions featured in European shop windows right now. 

Would you wear this pretty red?


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  1. Did you notice that red pants were the hit with men? Only in Italy could they get away with this! And...I love your new belt. How are you going to wear it? With pants, a dress, or a skirt?

  2. Beautiful belt!

    Wearing one of my favorite linen dresses I could easily hide amongst Nasturtiums. ;-)

  3. Hi Barbara, In fact I wore the belt today, with black wool pants, a white lace blouse and my new black sweater from my favorite shop in Italy. I have also worn it with a skirt. It adds just the right amount of happy color.
    How come I didn't notice Italian men wearing red pants. You're right, only in Italy.

  4. Hi Merisi, I purchased the belt in Bolzano in a shop which had roses sewn onto everything, mostly blouses and belts.

  5. Gina, those colors sing a beautiful song!

    Here in New York, folks regularly gravitate to black, but even here color is lightening up our wardrobes this fall as the days grow shorter.

    (I definitely have seen red trousers ... usually jeans on men around this city in the past months, and not just on tourists!)

    Best wishes.

  6. My best red is more of a bluish-red so I would have to pass on your more tomato red!
    Yesterday while admiring ceramic Christmas Santas in a local store I realized that the one I loved the best was called an "Italian" Santa. He was holding a basket of deli items and lined with a red, green and white towel draped over the edge! That was your red! I might have to go back for that one!

    Mary in Oregon

  7. I suppose people would talk behind my back if I wore that red belt, but perhaps with a tuxedo it could become a cummerbund. It's worth the plane fare to Italy!

  8. Hi Frances, Black or brown in the winter is still my favorite color. But I do like the little pick-me-up I get from a little red. Red Levis for Men? Amazing. Have not seen them. But then, for most of the of the year I live in a little cow town.

  9. Hi Mary, Go get that Italian Santa...unless, of course, it will break the bank.

  10. Dear Mark, Ah, go ahead and be notorius. Come to think of it, whenever I have worn the belt it felt like wearing a cumberband. Feels good.
    I think that you have been thinking about traveling to Italy. You only live once. Go for it!.

  11. Although I'm not really a 'red person' - I love this one! And would wear it with black!

    Herzlichen Gruss,

  12. Gina, since Valentino celebrated women in red, i slowly got attracted to red. I would love to see your outfit with this gorgeous red belt !
    Have a great week end

    ps : thank you for your sweet words about the woolly neck ties..i'm having a Xmas market at home so will display some there..Wish you could come! :-)

  13. Dear Karin, Black seems to work well and it is amazing how versatile this color is when used as an accent.

  14. Dear Lala, I would Love to come to your Christmas Market. You are so creative...I would buy everything. Good luck and lots of success.