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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Third time must be the charm!

That is what the very talented and charming Theresa of

I was commissioned by Theresa to paint an Armorial Plate for her.

This is the picture Theresa sent of her family crest.

This is my first drawing.

Theresa apologized for the complexity of the design and added that I could simplify it.  She did mention that I should include the "Lions because they would symbolize Firenze to me as well as me being a Leo".

This is the first plate I painted,  ready for the first firing.  Theresa also asked for diagonal stripes, three dots (for Medici Family) a checkerboard and family initial to be drawn within the shield.

 After gold was applied and plate was fired for the second time I noticed quite a few pin marks at the margin of the plate.  The glaze and the clay were not compatible.

Second Plate.  See the pink shadow at the bottom of the crest?  It appeared after the second firing.  It takes too long to tell you what actually happened. Suffice is to say I learned a valuable lesson.

So I added (only as an experiment) gold lines over the pink shadow to see what would happen. Into the kiln for the third time. Interesting, but no. 

 Third Plate.  All is well.  This is it!  Theresa's Armorial Plate. 

Have a great remainder of the week my dear Blogging Friends.



  1. Truly magnificent. Something for both of you to be proud of! Generations of the 'Cheek' family will be enchanted. Bravo, Gina.

  2. A very handsome project and successful result. Non-artists should appreciate that art comes with practice, repetition, trials and sometimes despair. But I'm glad for happy endings.

  3. Ahhh...art is always a process! SO sorry this one had such a scenic route though!LOL! I do love the process almost as much as the plate because I am usually on your side of the equation,holding the brush. Thanks for sharing all of this. Your work is wonderful!

  4. Dear Catherine, What a lovely comment! Thank you so much. It is so appreciated. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Gina

  5. Dear Mark, Me too. I love happy endings. Yes, often it takes repitition to get it just right. Failures do happen but I learn from each.

  6. Thank you Theresa. I love the "scenic route" this plate has taken. Let me know if the final result is what you had in mind. I can always take up the brush again and soon you could have a full set.

  7. How fabulous! Thank you for linking this lovely post to Potpourri Friday!

  8. Hello Honey, Thank you for letting me be part of Potpourri Friday. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.