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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tiles don't have to be square

Tiles don't have to be rectangular

Tiles can be long and skinny as in these hand painted Border Tiles.

In my kitchen they're all mixed up.

Each Tile is hand painted and no two are alike.

I've painted them a light creamy yellow.

Even corner tiles get special attention.

What have you been doing in these in-between holidays days?



  1. I have been woodgraining doors in a doctor's complex while they were closed for the holidays! Also working on a canvas mural for the spring. I get nervous if I do not hold a paintbrush every day!

  2. Interesting combinations for your kitchen tiles, Gina!
    I have been continuously knitting to finish up some Christmas presents that won't be exchanged for a couple more days. Also, I need to felt a purse that I knitted for myself. Today, I hope is the day!

    Mary in Oregon

  3. Your home must be this riot of color!

    In the middle of the flower petals and leaves, do you paint on the white dashes or do you leave that area blank? I still must come out! I am not that kind of "painter" but I know you say anyone can paint like the tiles. I will become the real test!

  4. Dear Theresa, You should have been celebrating the holidays, not working. Looking forward to seeing your woodgraining. Do you still use the old method of painting with guache and beer?
    Happy New Year. Gina

  5. Hi Mary, those sound like a bunch of worthwhile projects. Let's see some of them, please. Happy New Year, Gina

  6. Dear Annie, Neither. First I cover the once fired clay (bisque ware) with a maiolica glaze. Then I paint, then I scribe (sgraffito) through the pigments and through the maiolica glaze while it is still slightly wet. Let dry thoroughly, add final glaze and fire. This is one of the easiest techniques and with the most satisfying results.
    I'm counting on you to come next Spring or Summer. Happy New Year to you and Peter, Gina

  7. Hi, Gina - I like your border tiles - in the second photograph, they seem to glow at the edges!

    I've spent my Christmas (actually all of December) painting the outside of my house. The temperature ranges between the mid-50s and the low-80s, with less humidity, so this is the time of year to get that job done. No deadlines so no stress; I just go out and do what I can in 4-hour intervals.

  8. Well, what an undertaking Mark. Is your house faced with wood? And what color (or colors) did you paint it? A new color? Or did you match the old color? Why not share a few pictures?
    And, oh yes, 50s and 80s? When it is ZERO here.