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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just over the Fence

She was born just over the fence from my house.

Two days ago she was born.

A registered Miniature Hereford.

Little girls are much more independent than boys. 
She was born in the middle of a snow storm. 

Her mothers milk to drink and new snow to eat, what could be better!

On my walk home this morning, new snow, a new calf and the bluest skies for the first day of Spring.

Have a great week my dear
Blogging Friends,  



  1. Dear Gina - wonderful images, and what a little cutie she is. I love that first picture of her with her tongue sticking out, and the one where she is confidently stepping out. Your spot in the world is delightful.

  2. Dear Gina - I'm always so amazed that these creatures are born so BIG! Will she be named?

  3. SUBLIME....soo sweet & so fluffy & so gorgeous & so perfect; wonderful her big beautiful momy too!!

    You photographed this little beauty so beautifully;cara Gina!
    I am truly so happy she has got still a very warm "coat"; much needed to protect herself from the snow...?!

    (Oh, I just previewed a next post with little beauties like yours "over the fence"; "faaar away cousines"...!)

    What a wonderful farm and country home you have, Gina; it's magnificient; the warm yellow colour of the houses and stable are wonderful; just wonderful, the colour of warm sunrays!

    Have a beautiful day, Gina !

    ciao ciao elvira

  4. Wow, fabulous, Gina! The calf, spring and the view of your estate. Happy Spring, my friend! xo

  5. Wonderful photos of baby and mummy...I love cows. How wonderful mother nature is.
    Your estate is beautiful Gina.. how lovley..the photo is amazing ..
    thank you for sharing this lovley post.
    wishing you a happy day..

  6. Dear Rosemary, those are also my favorite shots. There is nothing more wonderful than watching new life. That is what Spring is all about.

  7. Dear Mark, Yes, it is amazing how big they are. But if you have ever watched a birth they are quite compact when they first see the light of day. And then, all of a sudden they are like butterflies, pumping air into their system, growing by the minute.

  8. Cara Elvira, What lovely comments. Thank you so very much. I did not want to get too close to the little calf, her Father was nearby and he has very formidable horns.
    We spent a couple of trips studying Andrea Palladios villas in the Veneto region of northern Italy. That is where our colors come from; yellow stucco and red tile roofs.
    We have a guest house, come and see for yourself.
    Ciao, Gina

  9. Dear Georgianna, Spring is coming and I look forward to watching how you and your camera will document it this year. Your last post is beautiful, flowers and background so special so Georgianna. Have a great week. Gina

  10. Dear Val, Your computer is all fixed up. Great! Don't you just hate wasting time trying to get it all sorted out.
    Been thinking a lot about Portugal and your region in particular. It's been a few years since we visited there. We have plenty of room here in the country, just in case you would like to come for a visit in this direction. Gina

  11. Springtime is definitely a time of rebirth and your blog today highlights that beauty! A Miniature Hereford? Please describe how much smaller than a regular Hereford for me. She is a beauty. Her coat just looks so wonderful; I would love to push my fingers threw it and rub her ears (when her Dad isn't nearby, of course.

    Yes, the contrast of the Utah blue sky with the egg-yolk yellow of your buildings is quite striking. The rooflines were the first thing I noticed after the colors. What fun it must be each time to return to your property to remind yourself of the Italian countryside and properties you have admired and with which you were inspired.

    Mary in Oregon

  12. Wow! Such beauty. She's a sweetie.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Dear Mary, The miniature Hereford is one half the size of a regular Hereford. However, they are almost as hefty. You can see from the little one that the body will be quite large but it is the legs that are a lot shorter.
    Yes, I love coming home to our house. We built it and designed most of it and ended up doing a lot of the work ourselves. It was a challenge but we enjoyed every minute of it.

  14. Welcome Tablescaper, so nice of you to come for a visit.

  15. Thank you for the info on the miniature Herefords, Gina. I won't be buying any in my future, but I am just that "curious" sort of person!
    I have always participated in various parts of our home-constructions as well. Challenges keep our little grey cells producing, don't they?

    Mary in Oregon