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Saturday, March 24, 2012

See how Easy

 On the table was a small French Moustiers Plate

My Friend Mark, of All Things Ruffnerian
noticed it right away. 
He wrote "I like the almost calligraphy-like brushwork"

That gave me an idea.
Why not copy the design and this time paint the images onto Dinner sized plates.

First you smooth out the surface of the once-fired clay (bisque) plate with sandpaper.  Then, center on banding wheel and draw a pencil circle (helps center the design).

Transfer design onto plate with Saral copy paper.
Paint design.  Brush on clear glaze.
Pencil lines and red transfer lines will burn off during firing. 

Now ready to go into my Kiln

Plates on several bottom shelves and smaller items on top.
In the corner of my basement the kiln  has almost reached 1800 degrees.  It will shut itself off.

The firing took 8 hours, then cooled for another 10 hours.

The small perforated plates are original, hand painted French Moustiers Plates, the Dinner plates are only one day old and hand painted by me. 

Would you like to learn how?

I will be teaching several 2-day workshops in June, July and August.

No prior experience necessary.

Have a wonderful weekend my dear
Blogging Friends.



  1. What a talent you are Gina - how I wish that you were nearer, I would love to attend a workshop with you.

  2. Wonderful Idea to make your own dinner plates from the design.
    I would love to attend. Wish i was nearer.
    Thank you Gina. A lovely blog as always.
    happy saturday

  3. Dear Rosemary, We would have a grand time painting away and living the simple country life. Maybe, one day. You never know.

  4. Dear Val, Painting ceramics is so easy and so rewarding. Wouldn't it be lovely if a group of our favorite Bloggers could get together for a weekend in the country and paint away.

  5. What a nice Sunday morning surprise to see those delightful little plates multiplied into dinner plates. I would think that the unloading of every kiln firing would be like Christmas morning — anticipation, surprise (all good, I hope) and celebration. They turned out just great! Mark

  6. Moustiers-Ste-Mer WATCH OUT! Gina is on your tail!
    Lovely inspired works from old-world faÏence! Thanks for the information again about your upcoming classes.
    I will remind my artistic and non-artistic friends once again to search for a travel companion.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Dear Mark, It's either Christmas or Halloween. Thank goodness it's mostly Christmas. But everything you say is true. It's hard not to peek into the kiln when it is still hot. I've been known to get up at 2 or 3 in the morning just to check a new firing. It is very addictive, just like blogging. Have a great remainder of a spring sunday.

  8. Dear Mary, Yes Moustieres Sainte Marie and many other pattern can easily be copied. Not only that, I use the very same powder pigments as they have. So if you need a few extra pieces from a favorite design, why not paint them yourself.
    Your friends can come anytime in June, July or early August...even on weekends. Remember, I can make an Artisan out of those who thought they had no talent.


  10. Dear Gina, I have been visiting for a while now, and felt compelled to comment! Your work is just exquisite, and these plates above ,too lovely!,!! I have taken very pedestrian ceramic classes years ago, which introduced me to clay painting, and I loved it. My wish would be to take a few classes by you!! Truly beautiful, I also looked at your post on crests, after reading your comment on Debra's blog.....and yes I could easily adopt or create my own!! N.xo

  11. Hello Meme. How nice of you to stop by and thank you for your very nice compliment. It is always so nice to hear encouraing words.

  12. Dear Nella, I am so happy to hear that you have been visiting my blog for a little while. It is so nice to meet you. Crests look wonderful on everything and especially on ceramics. Why not plan a trip this direction and we will get you back to painting ceramics.
    I love your blog posts and beautiful photographs. Count me in as one of your new followers. ox Gina

  13. Love your plates, Gina!!! They are just simply good! What else can I say.....

    Freue mich so sehr auf Euch im Herbst!!!

    hab' gerade eine kleine Gartenpause eingelegt und bin auf Stip-Visite im Blogland. Writing comments which will take me the whole afternoon....:)

    Very sorry for late commenting, liebe Gina, aber ich weiss, Du hast Verstaendnis fuer mich, hoffentlich!

    Lieben Gruss, karin

  14. Dear Karin, Ich habe immer Verständniss für dich. Du hast immer sehr viel zu tun. Unser wetter ist noch zu kalt um in den Garten viel zu machen.
    We are also very excited about our visit to you in the Fall.ox, Gina

  15. You do such amazing work. So great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays. Hope you'll join me this week too.

    - The Tablescaper