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Monday, May 7, 2012

A few more clues

New angles to the mystery

My friend Mark of
All Things Ruffnerian, brought up an interesting point.
Could they be "The Magi"? 

It's the infant in the sling that makes me think otherwise.

This fellow looks like a scribe to me.  There could have been a book tucked under his right shoulder.

 And he is wearing a feather in his cap.  The symbol of a scribe.

Have no clue what he is carrying on his back.  Do you?

There are no symbols or signatures at the bottom, however, someone has penciled over whatever was originally there. 

 Two of the three figures show that they were holding something or posturing with their right arms.  Two figurines have their left arms straight down to their sides.  Makes me wonder... if they are "The Magi" would they not be holding gifts with both hands? 

And what is Gene doing while I'm wasting your time and my time playing supersleuth?

He is taking up the last of the 100-year-old fence in one of our pastures.  A crew of 5 has installed a new fence.
But that's another story.

Have a great week my dear
Blogging Friends.



  1. Intriging ! I followed the genesis through your previous posts and I still can't make it out !
    I'll wait for the mystery to solve :-)
    Have a lovely week Gina and thank you so much for your warmful supporting words...I so appreciate..

  2. These little statues are quite the mystery! Could that pouch on the back be used to hold arrows or quills? I can't wait to hear about the results of the appraisal. xo

  3. Well, Gina, now that I see the figures from behind, I'm ready to (as they say in politics) "suspend" my theory. But I do agree with your intuition that they were part of a larger group. I'll look forward to seeing the mystery solved.

    If that 100-year-old fence has any brabed wire, remind Gene that there's a large group of people around the country who collect antique barbed wire. Maybe that could fund your next rip to Italy!

  4. Dear Lala, You are welcome. I would love to see more of your beautiful work. ox, Gina

  5. Dear Barbara, What an interesting idea and so possible...the pouch holding arrows or quills.

  6. Dear Mark, If only. Have you checked the price of a ticket to Europe these days? There isn't enough barbed wire in this county. The old wire went to the usual burial grounds. We have another pasture which needs a new fence (but not until we recover from this expense). I will do a little investigating to see if there is anything worth keeping.
    Thanks for the great idea.