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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boots and Mud and Dogs and wide open country

They all go together.
The Bull thought that Charlie, our big white dog, was getting too close to his Heifers.
We hightailed it to the next pasture.
I climbed over the gate, Lucy crawled under the gate and Charlie got stuck. 
I had to forcefully pull him out from under the gate. 
He limped for a while, I was worried that he was seriously hurt.
But after a few tentative steps he sauntered off, leg good as new. 
Last week I told you that Nasturtiums grow in water.
Same bouquet, the last picture, 7 days later. 
Every single bud opened, roses have long faded.
That reminds me.  Have you checked your wet potpourri lately?
Mine is ready and it smells divine.
Have a wonderful week my dear
Blogging Friends.


  1. Dear Gina,
    A beautiful post.
    Glad that Charlie was ok. Always something going on around a farm.
    Gina, I put a collage photo up last week on Green day friday..and my pot pourri was there.. I have not opened it yet. I want to save it for christmas..
    It was such fun doing it.
    Your nastursiums are blooming well. I know this flower..they are very hardy.
    Happy week to you Gina

  2. Dear Gina - poor Charlie, do you think he will have learn't that it is not a good idea to mess with the bull. Even cows are much more temperamental than people realise. A lady was killed by a cow recently near where we live. She accidentally got between the cow and her calves, knocked her over and she was trampled.

  3. I am happy Charlie is ok! I must have missed your post about wet potpourri. I bet yours does smell heavenly!


  4. I can imagine the rich scent of your potpourri, just by looking at that jar! I'm glad everyone got away from the bull in time - I think I would have lost two years off my life in the same situation!

  5. Dear Val, Living in the c ountry, as you also do, is an adventure, every single day.
    Let me know how you like your potpourri. I'm so glad that you gave it a whirl.

  6. Dear Rosemary, Exactly, cows are very protective of their calves and will charge...sometimes even bulls will enter the frey.

  7. Hi Ricki Jill, Just click on the link for Potpourri and you will find the recipe. Your own garden roses are best...their perfume is more intense and they have not been sprayed with insecticides.

  8. Dear Mark, I was more concerned with Charlie. We were close to the gate that separated us from the bull. Something I'm going to remember from now on...an escape route.

  9. Hi Gina! I'm glad you became my follower, because you gave me a chance to look at your beautriful blog.

    I love what you did with your nasturtiums. You probably already know that Van Gogh did just the same with his sunflowers: he didn't just paint one image (the famous one we all know) of his sunflowers, but a whole series of paintings of the same bunch of flowers, over a period of time. Only, sunfloers do not grow in water: they just fade and die, but that didn't prevent him from recording the process and producing a series of wonderful paintings, as one would have expected from his.

    During his lifetime, Vincent only sold one painting!



  10. Dear Gina,
    I'm so glad Charlie is ok after his wild adventure-- I suppose even in the beautiful countryside there are risks... I'm sure that despite the bull, he's happier there than in the city! Your photographs are beautiful-- I'm off to learn about wet potpourri!
    Best regards,

  11. What a good rescue party you were, Gina. Hoping that the adventurous Charlie has got a good memory.


  12. Hello Anna, It's mutual admiration. Thank you for becoming a Follower. You write a most beautiful blog.

  13. Hello Parvum Opus, Our animals live the Life of Riley. They all learn how to get along with each other...except for the Charolais Bull.

  14. Dear Frances, Charlie is a smart boy, he not only remembers the bull but now he stays away from the gate. Getting stuck in the gate hurt and my pulling him out hurt even more, but I had to do it.