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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My very talented students

Created beautiful work.
In only 2 days Cindy painted this fabulous masterpiece.
This was Cindy's 3rd workshop with us.
Carrie came all the way from Charleston, South Carolina.
Carrie had no prior experience. Look what a beautiful job she did.  Not only that, Carrie designed the mural all by herself.
 Cindy practiced her "hand" the first day of our workshop.
The kiln is loaded right now with more masterpieces.  Can't wait to see what comes out tomorrow.
I know that one of these days you will come and join us. 
Have a great week my dear
Blogging Friends.


  1. What very impressive results Gina - Carrie and Cindy are so fortunate to have had you as their teacher, the tiles speak for themselves.

  2. Your pupils Carrie and Cindy have worked so well.. They have produced such masterpieces.. congratulations to them..
    Dear Gina,
    If you were closer, I would be there like a shot..
    You have a wealth of knowledge to pass on.
    lovely post
    val x

  3. I knew it. I'm missing out on all kinds of fun. Someday, I'll have to make it out to Utah. You must be an awesome teacher. Those are gorgeous.

  4. Hi, Gina - Seeing the work come out of the kiln must be so exciting for your students. They've come up with attractive designs and done very handsome work. It doesn't hurt to have a such an experienced teacher!

  5. Dear Rosemary, In every workshop I teach a few very special students always emerge. Wish you could see their work in real life. There is something about the shiny glaze and brilliant colors that can not be duplicated in a photo.

  6. Dear Val, Cindy has the talent and my newest student, Carrie, is determined to continue with what she has learned in only three days. Those are the real rewardes for me.
    I know that you also paint ceramics and what I have seen tells me that you have had a lot of training and practice. When do we get to see more?

  7. Dear Darlene, I had a student by the name of Darlene in this workshop. This was the second time she has taken it. She is another overachiever. She took some of her work home and worked until 5 a.m. one morning.

  8. Dear Mark, That is it... the taking out of the kiln. That is the most exciting part for me. I usually have a pretty good idea how something is going to look. But then there are always the pleasant surprises...and sometimes the disappointments...that is the beast of the thing.