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Friday, January 22, 2016

Of course you deserve it.

A crown and a little 22 karat gold

on a platter. 

You can see that there is room for at least 30 more crostini.
It will come in handy during your Summer Soirees.

And when not in use it can hang on the wall, a chimney piece,  fireplace mantle or placed on a stand. 

Crowns and garlands go together, don't they.  


Large or small, it's the 22 karat gold that catches the eye.  

Have you checked your Ancestors?  

Aren't they of Royal Birth? 

I can't provide you with a Castle but I can paint a royal platter for you.  

Or I can provide you with a pond for you to skate upon. 

Have a great weekend my dear Friends, 



  1. Dear Gina,
    your royal platters are so very tempting and the gold looks wonderful on the table in candlelight. How lucky I am to have mine and I am thrilled to have a second one in your imaginative and patient care.
    Warmest greetings,Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, You know how to set a beautiful table. Even for your every day dinners I see pretty flowers and beautiful silver and china. I am so honored that you like my ceramics.

  2. Simply gorgeous Gina. No other words for it. You are a master at your art.
    Hope that you have a lovely weekend.
    Thanks for your comments..
    kind wishes.. val xxxxx

    1. Dear Val, I see that Spring is coming to your beautiful estate. Your horses look sleek and happy. Your roses are getting ready to show their beautiful faces. I look forward to seeing more of your early Spring sunshine.

  3. So beautiful, you are really a great artist. And the pond, love it too, but we also have ponds and lakes enough to skate, unfortunately it was not yet freezing that hard that we can skate.

    1. Hello Janneke, I am so pleased that you like my ceramics. I enjoy painting them. This is the time of year when I have a little more time to paint. Soon, and I look forward to it, I will get busy in the garden. Our winters are long but our days are getting longer.

  4. Lovely Gina - the touches of gold give the platters je ne sais quoi♡

    1. Dear Rosemary, Little touches of gold do just that, je ne sais quoi.
      I enjoyed reading your latest post entitled "Remembering". What a lovely story.

  5. All such beauty and yet even with the stunning platters with their touch of gold and their beauty so vivid to the eye, the final scene of the ice covered pond spoke to me with warmth even in the chill of the snow. It is such a perfect reflection of what the beauty of Winter beholds, and yet I look so forward to Spring. Happy Week to you and your dear Gina~

    1. Dear Mary, So do I. I am looking forward to the Spring flowers. They are still under several feet of snow. For some reason time just flies by during the rest of the year but Winter is long and cold.
      Hope you are well. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  6. Such a beautiful platter Gina - and I see acorns which of course I love!
    No Royal Ancestors in my family that I know of - but my grandfather was in the Royal Coldstream Guards and my mother and her siblings grew up playing in the grounds of Windsor Castle!
    Almost royal, haha!

    Your beautiful pond, with geese crossing and the mountains in the distance, looks like a paradise, cold I know but so pretty.
    Flowers soon hopefully, though our garden's such a dreary place since the ice storm flattened a lot and broke off branches.
    Oh well, Spring will come, meanwhile I'm just happy we're almost melted and we only lost power one night for about 7 hours.

    Take care, stay off thin ice!
    Love, Mary

  7. Dear Mary, Because your mother and her siblings grew up playing in the grounds of Windsor Castle, that little fact automatically makes you a descendant of the royal family. So go ahead and celebrate being royal.
    Did you notice hat all of my ducks are lined up in a row. They saw me feeding our geese...they were hoping for a few leftovers.
    Sorry about the damage in your garden and losing power. it always reminds us that mother nature is still in charge.