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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Sunday

Why is Summer so short?

I'm not ready for Fall and definitely not ready for Winter.

Have a great week ahead dear friends.  



  1. As our planet gradually grows warmer and warmer, I don't really think that summer is short. We had an unusually long chilly spring this year, which kept us waiting and waiting for true summer sunshine. As I continue to enjoy delicious tomatoes and hope to do so well into October, I won't yet declare summer over, even though children are back in school and the calendar has made its declaration.

    In the past week, the temperature has become so much milder that it's a joy to take longer walks around NYC, and I am once again glad that I don't own an air conditioner. The cool evenings are made for sleeping! xo

    1. Dear Frances, I had to move my many pots of flowers into my greenhouse 2 days ago. Nighttime temperatures hit 33 degrees. What I didn't protect survived the cold for which I am grateful. We also had a long and cold Spring, then Summer came for a few weeks only.
      You are fortunate that you had and still have such a wonderful season. Keep sharing those happy market day photographs with us.

  2. It's all relative to where you live, I suppose. It's summer here from March until well sometimes actually January. We have summer and two weeks of winter so I can't wait for cooler weather. We have super high humidity as well so it's really unbearable.

    1. Hello Janet, I think that I would like your climate. Maybe it's because we always think that the grass is greener on the other side. You are correct, it's all relative.

  3. Hi dear Gina. Back home and exhausted after a wonderful trip! Yes, Autumn seems to have arrived in the two weeks we were in Africa - amazing how different the air feels - and how awful the garden looks!!! Personally Summer here is my least enjoyed season so I'm ready for Autumn. I bought a big, soft, gorgeous sweater at Zara at Heathrow yesterday during our layover - can't wait for it to get cooler so I can wear it.

    Love and hugs - it's great to be home again, as always.
    Mary x

    1. Dear Mary, Welcome home. Will you show us your new sweater?

      We had a cold Spring, then a very hot Summer, and now, almost freezing temperatures during the night. Not exactly encouraging for someone who loves her flowers. Wishing you beautiful Fall days and an extended season so you can enjoy your garden now that you are back.
      Thank you for sending us those incredible animal photos of your trip to Africa. They were sensational.