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Friday, September 2, 2016

We are celebrating, again.

Plein air Competition and Artist Studio Tour, Spring City, Utah.

The four day event will culminate tonight with the announcement of winners. 

Artists from near and far will have painted in 
en plein air for 3 days.  

While Pasha is taking it easy,

I have been painting lots of tiles for new kitchens.

A few new pieces are still in the kiln. 
If all goes well they will become part of the 
Artist Studio Tour Sale tomorrow afternoon. 

This is also the time of year when we are very busy harvesting and preserving.

And still bottle feeding Liesel who has been reunited with her cousin "Charming Hansel".  

I will show you photos of the winning paintings tomorrow. 

Wishing you a wonderful Labor Day weekend. 



  1. Look at those kissing cow cousins, how adorable is that!!! They are so gorgeous.
    As for Pasha, I could steal that cuddly kitty away in a heartbeat!

    Love the beautiful tiles you are creating Gina, and the unusual shape, at first I thought Christmas tree decorations. How will they be used in a kitchen setting?

    Raining hard here as Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hermine heads towards us - I'm nervous and concerned for damage (trees falling) and loss of power. We don't need this now - or ever actually! Weather is always such a pain!

    Have a lovely day tomorrow.
    hugs - Mary

    1. Dear Mary, Our four legged friends are all enjoying our beautiful late Summer weather. I am so sorry to hear about the tropical storms you are having. What a lot of worry for you.

      The unusually shaped tiles, Lozenge Tiles, are used in groups surrounded by plain white tiles of the same shape. A hanger can also be attached on the back and hung on the christmas tree. The larger version has been used as a paper weight. My customers come up with all kinds of ideas...sometimes they buy them just because.

    2. Hi Gina, these are the tiles I saw and fell in love with! Can you tell me if they are available to purchase?

  2. Pasha is beautiful just like her name, and the last picture of Liesel and Hansel is adoreable. Hope that the Artist Studio Tour Sale goes well for you Gina.

    1. Dear Rosemary, The Artist Studio Tour was a great success. It was a beautiful day. Most of the visitors came from the "Big City" up north and thoroughly enjoyed being in the country.

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Rick, I barely unloaded my kiln yesterday and now my favorite pieces are gone. Dog and Cat were left behind, thank goodness.

  4. Gina, this is a beautiful post. I wish I could be there for the Artist Studio Tour Sale. I wish I could say hello to beautiful Pasha in person; meanwhile please give her a pat from me. And those nuzzling cousins are fabulous.

    Happy Labor Day Weekend. I am looking forward to your next post. xo

    1. Dear Frances, Charming Hansel is going to be a fine bull. He has the right coloring, four white feet and a handsome head. Liesel is not taking any guff from him, she bosses him around when it comes to feeding them their favorite treats.
      Both will be weaned next week. Hansel from his mother and Liesel from her formula. There will be some anxious times for both of them.