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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Have you ever wanted to be an Artist?

Yes?  Then here is how.

I know that some of you, dear Readers, have set aside a few clear glass balls. 

If not, then get yourself to the Craft Store.  
This is the only time of year that they are available.

While there, pick up a few acrylic paints, 
don't forget white. 
Simple instructions here:


They make great Christmas presents. 

Also pretty in a glass jar.

Practice on wooden hearts. 
(from the craft store)

They come in handy when wrapping presents

Hand painted glass ornaments are so pretty on a Christmas tree. 
They harmonize beautifully with your older and cherished 

Have fun painting. Invite a few friends and have a party, 



  1. It is always lovely to see your beautiful crafted christmas ideas Gina, your home must look a treat.

    1. Dear Rosemary, You are always so generous with your compliments. Thank You. All we need now is a little snow.

  2. I have to smile for this afternoon I watched my 4 year old grand-daughter Maci and we had gone up to our third floor where I keep my crafts ad reading books for the children. I was there to pick out books, when Maci said "Nana, what are these?" Gina, they were the clear adornments that I had purchased last year after your share and I had begun to get a little creative and then left them sitting there all this time. I think if we get some bad weather this weekend, I need to get back up there and finish my project. Yours are so glorious and you so inspire me~

    1. Dear Mary, You have accomplished the most important part. You have the glass balls ready to go. Bring them down from upstairs, assemble a few paints and a sturdy brush, make yourself a cup of tea and before you know it you will have a treasure to keep from year to year.
      Leave a few unpainted so you and Maci can work on them next year, when she is five.

  3. These ornaments are dazzling in their celebrations of color. Just think of how many folks you're inspiring, Gina!

    Now, I have just a few more Christmas tea cup cards to paint, and a couple of gifts to finish knitting, and another batch of cookies to mix up and bake. I pause every so often to have fun in blogland, and do a little more decorating around the apartment...and then back to the workshop. It's all so much fun. As are various open house parties I am attending. xo

    1. Dear Frances, you inspired me to put down the paintbrush and pick up the wooden spoon. Made several dozens of cookies yesterday afternoon. They are the simple kind, the kind that gets better with age.
      It's wondnerful that you are having so much fun doing all of your preparations for Christmas.