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Monday, October 9, 2017

A treasure in the Italian countryside

It's wonderful, it's marvelous and 
it's just a little quirky. 

In the Mattarello Countryside, just south of Trento, Italy, sits a 17th century country villa, surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills.   

Villa Bertagnoli has lots of character.

Rooms are filled with treasures that will eventually find their proper places. 

A handsome Kachelofen warms a cozy corner.

Guests are welcome to explore the villa which  holds collections of ceramics, books and paintings.  

All are colorful, everyday pieces. 

Four walls were fitted with cabinets to hold a colorful collection of Italian hand painted ceramics. 

A happy jumble of recently painted pieces.

Time has been very kind to this cobbled courtyard centerpiece.

The courtyard, the villa on the left and the old stables to the right.

It is the stables which have now been converted into guest rooms and restaurant.  

The second story balcony connects the villa section to the old stables.  

Our room was very comfortable. 
There wasn't a space left on walls for even one more painting, all of flowers, mostly roses.  

  Villa Bertagnoli is run by a charming young woman whose Father has been sailing the seven seas for the past ten years.  

Her Mother lives in Trentino where the Bertagnoli family operates the oldest family-run distillery, producing award winning Grappas and Brandies.

These two act just like our Lola and Clyde.  
They just had to find out who was leaving.  

Have a great week, dear friends. 




  1. Dear Gina - what a wonderful treasure trove Villa Bertagnoli is. It is little wonder that you were again tempted to fly the Atlantic in order to enjoy its ambience some more.

    1. Dear Rosemary,
      Villa Bertagnoli was a first time visit and a wonderful surprise. There was much to discover, books, paintings, grand pianos, ceramics and beautiful fabrics... and plenty of opportunities for lots of photos.

  2. Oh my Gina, this place is amazingly beautiful - and so YOU! I can imagine your stay there was like a dream come true. Those glass cabinets so full of ceramics, the paintings and furniture - all so Italian, colorful and gorgeous. The geese are adorable. Love all your photos and am looking forward to more!
    Love, Mary

    1. Dear Mary, Villa Bertagnoli would not suit many people. It was all a little too much. The family purchased this villa after they sold another, and much larger villa 20 years ago. There was a very large room so filled with priceless furniture and large paintings and Venetian Mirrors, all helter skelter, that I don't know how it will find a place. The young daughter told me that her Mother was the collector.

  3. Dear Gina,
    well, someone is up early at your house.......to assemble such colorful images of Villa Bertagnoli.
    The display cabinets with all the hand painted ceramics, old and new, are fantastic, and what a cozy room you had. Lovely post with your great photos.
    Warm hugs, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, Well, you know how it is. It's called Jet Lag. Four o'clock is actually my usual hour for a first cup of coffee or tea. The room, with the blond cabinets, was my favorite room. Not just because it held ceramics but because it was so orderly and the sun was shining so brightly, to make it all a very friendly space.

  4. Wow, Gina...do you have any idea how hard I would have to work to contain myself in that place??!??!?! All those dishes! All that art! Everywhere you look...gorgeousness on top of more gorgeousness!!!!!!!! What a wonderful retreat! You must have left there feeling totally refreshed and reinvigorated!

    1. Hi Alycia, We only stayed one night in this magical place. It was almost a little too overwhelming. Our home for the next weeks was Santa Elena in Bibbona,Tuscany. I will be posting soon.
      Thank you for your visit.