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Monday, July 15, 2019

Not enough time

It's all right.
I love what I see even if it isn't perfect.

Wild roses seeking support.

Salpiglossis are a challenge.

Poppies are amazing.
Yank out the entire plant, singe the stem and every poppy head will open. 
A poppy bouquet for a week. 

More rain than usual brought on the berries.

I have eaten the rest. 

I can grow figs in Utah ...in my greenhouse.

Nasturtiums grow easily from seed.

Who can resist an Opium Poppy?

The hay barns will be filled to the rafters.  

We will most likely have 3 crops of Alfalfa this year, 
who knows, maybe even four. 

Wishing you a bountiful week ahead. 


  1. Wow Gina, that will be a lot of alfalfa from the 40 acres, fantastic!
    Berries are so pretty, and your fig ripening so much sooner than mine! It is a Celeste like mine - looks the same. My tree is loaded but it will be at least another month before they ripen. We are badly in need of rain and some cooler temps., high 90's every day this week, and no rain.
    Love your collage with the poppies - what a special, beautiful shade of pink.
    Will be writing soon dear.
    Mary X

  2. Dearest Mary,
    I cheated. I grew my little fig tree in my greenhouse. You have such beautiful and large Fig trees...the kind one could have a picnic under and eat to ones' heart contend.
    The lavender poppy was saved from the sickle. It was growing amongst tall and ugly weeds. It was a test. I yanked out the entire plant, cut the roots off and singed the stem. I placed it in water. Every day a new poppy opened until all were finished.

  3. Hello Gina, I did not know that trick with poppies, but I will be trying it out. Our figs are slowly ripening, but we won't be eating any until mid-August, I think. Our summer is cooler than it has been for a few years. I'm longing for a bit more heat. Your garden is delightful with all the beautiful flowers.

    1. Dear Lorrie,
      Singing the stems of flowers for 10 to 15 seconds works for other flowers. How many times have you wanted to bring a few Hollyhock stems into the house? I love to incorporate them into mixed bouquets. The trick only works on the smaller side stems...not the main stalk. It really is magic.

  4. Dear Gina,
    To my surprise I already missed three of your posts. How wonderful to be able to go through this season with you again. To enjoy the colorful life around your pond and to admire the beautiful flowers you grow. Sadie has turned into a very handsome dog and I can not imagine that she will become anything but a great companion in time.
    Hugs from Texas, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde,
      All of a sudden it is high summer. Our growing season is so short. When everyone is harvesting tomatoes and corn I'm still waiting for spinach to grow.
      It's hard to tell if Sadie is ever going to be a "great companion". For now it's all about Sadie.

  5. Beautiful.