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Monday, July 2, 2012

This is the time of year for a little attention

to give to this lovely plant in your Garden.

They need to be cut now.
But don't throw them away.

They have bloomed in the Spring.
They have shed their seeds.
They have completed their cycle for this year in your garden.

Place them in a container with a little water and let them continue aging.  They have a second life. 

Have you figured out what they are? 

Have a great week my dear
Blogging Friends,



  1. They are the harbingers of Spring and I love them. I shall do as you advise Gina and thanks.

  2. I know what they are, but are we supposed to say on here? We would need to add a Spoiler Alert if we do! I used to grow them in our old yard, but I haven't planted any at this newer house. They really are a wonderful sign of Spring!

  3. Sooo pretty! Love the reminders of why nature is at its very best this time of year!

  4. Hi Gina,

    Well, with our continuing cool and rainy weather, mine are thriving but yes, have spread their seeds. I've had a number of blooms in vases for weeks and they last so well. Soon time to cut them all back. Thank you for the lovely reminder and hope you are having a great week. xo

  5. Dear Rosemary, I know that you would know right away. I'm always amazed how long these plants stay green, even into our long and cold winters.

  6. Hello Alycia, Yes you can say because most flower lovers know them...even at this semi dry state. What I love most about these flowers is that their leaves stay green way into the winter providing interesting leaves for flower arrangements.

  7. Dear Tina, You're right, we get spoiled this time of year...so many beautiful flowers right now...so many colorful arrangements to bring inside and enjoy. Have a great 4th by the Sea.

  8. Dear Georgianna, Such a strange flower. It doesn't do well in water when it first opens but lasts for weeks after they spill their seeds. After many years of carefully looking for tiny new seedlings I now have hundreds. Will be interesting to see if they come true to color.
    Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July celebration. ox, Gina

  9. Gina, I have never seen past spring's Dogwood blossoms as beautiful as yours!
    Sorely missed here any time of the year (yes, there are a few dogwoods around here, in the Botanical Garden, for example, but not the wild white dogwoods rising from the underbrush in late May, dotting the woods with their white blossoms), I wished I had saved a blossom or two, to keep.

    Happy and safe Fourth of July, Gina!
    I hope you can enjoy the holiday without worrying about wildfires.

  10. Dear Merisi, We have had our share of wildfires. As far as I'm concerned fireworks should be banned this year. Only yesterday a new and very dangerous fire was started.
    You are right these flowers look a little bit like dogwood blkossoms but they are dried Hellebore or Lenten Rose.

  11. Well I do not know what they are but they are beautiful :)

  12. Hi Debra, thank you for your visit. The flowers are dried Hellebores. They are one of the first flowers to open in Spring that is why the have the common name Lenten Rose.