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Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Summer looks like here

Summer at our house

A lot of work and a lot of play.

First, there was a lot of work.

Now, there is time for a little play. 

 The guesthouse is always ready.

Little niceties are waiting to please.

The garden is bursting with lots of flowers for the house and table.

Kirschwasser is ready to serve from last years' cherries.

And so is the Pfirsich Likör.

Every now and then I take time out to fill an order of my hand painted ceramics.

Cabbages are ready for making Sauerkraut.

Lavender is ready for Lavender Bottles.

There is always time for a craft project or two.

All are welcome; creatures great and small.

We make time for Picnics, this time in our Barn.

Or by the Pond.

No need to go to the Grocery in Summer.

Champagne is always on ice.
Kir Royale prepared for us by our Friend Steven.

While making plans for our trip to Europe.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with our neighborhood.

This is the time of year we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Home is always best.
Yet I can't get the wanderlust out of me. 

Have a great weekend my dear
Blogging Friends.



  1. What a colourful and very tasty looking feast for the eyes. You treat your guests like royalty.
    I know exactly what you mean about home being best - East, West home is best. However a trip or two away makes you appreciate it even more. I love to go away, but equally I love to come back home at the end.

  2. Someone who is happy at home can be happy anywhere! It must be fun to play with the collages and choose where to place each photo!
    Grazie, Gina!

    Mary in Oregon

  3. If I lived there, Gina, I swear I would never leave!! Summer in Paradise. You and Gene do work very hard, and deserve to enjoy the rewards. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, you not only have an artist's eye, you have the heart and soul, too.

  4. So, so lovely! What a dreamy life...

  5. Carissima Gina,
    what a joy, to take this fresh summer-walk through your colourful countryworld....!

    The very first collage; so magnificiently done; could be almost in a Tuscan kitchen; so fantastic, so fresh, soooo inviting!

    I do love indeed the romantic picnic in your lovely barn; I certainly could never resist...!!(..and you bet...: I would certainly bring along a bottle of my fresh new wine... .)

    Including all your four pawed furry and two pawed feathered friends....absolutely enchanting; it's the way I love it too!

    ...and all over glimpses of your most beautiful ceramic arts; wonderful indeed, Gina!

    ...the pond...a dream & the little boat with your doggy under the parasol....too sweet!!!!

    What a magic walk through your charming & most lovely country home has this been; thank you, Gina....and thank you so much for your kind visit in my Tuscany, I appreciated it so very much!

    ciao ciao elvira

  6. Gina, it seems as if the arrival of welcome rain has at last truly transformed your area into a summer wonderland! It all looks so beautiful, and surely must inspire your painting.


  7. This post is just gorgeous, full of goodness, colour and warmth. Your photos are beautiful. I feel like I've had a little holiday just looking at your images and blog. Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy your plan making for visiting Europe. We've just come home to Australia after two months away in Italy, France and the U.K., it was wonderful.
    Anne xx

  8. I have only one thing to say. Can I come and live with you and Gene? Please? :)

    Absolute beauty, abundance and joy of life. Thank you for inspiring us to live to the fullest, Gina. I think my days are full but they don't have a fraction of the panache that yours do.


  9. Thank you, Gina, for sharing all these joyous images of your wondrous summer!
    I can see the hard work behind creating such a welcoming home, the love and the spirit of the heart.
    May all your seasons be as splendid and your travels safe,

  10. Oh Dear Gina, the flavors of where you live, how exquisite, and such beauty all around you, inside and outside your home. I feel the warmth of family, friendship, the fruits of you labor, so lush and wonderful. Those drinks look so refreshing, the posies...I adore Lavender!!! The plums, I just purchased a bag, but I would imagine that yours are far better! We had Boar's Head Sauerkraut upon our Boar's Head all beef Franks, over toasty buns last evening, but I am also betting homemade kraut would be amazing in flavor. You are so blessed and thank you for sharing your bounty with us. Have a happy day and a happy week~

  11. With a home like yours to return to, no wonder it's always best! Your guest house, picnics in the barn and the beauty of your surroundings are unique and such a treat to see in pictures. My favourite pic of all, though, is the collage of your creatures great and small - I'm sure these are at the heart of your home xx

  12. Dear Rosemary, I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your recent trip to the Moselle Valley. You're right, home is best, east or west.

  13. Dear Mary, Collages are fun and easy. Especially if you use Pick Monkey. It only takes a few minutes. Have you given it a try?

  14. Dear Barbara, I am so furtunate to be able to call this little corner of the world my own. But there is something spsecial about seeing so much history once you step off the plane.

  15. Hi Jenny and welcome. So nice of you to visit. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  16. Carissima Elvira,
    I have missed your lovely and thought provoking posts. Was so elated when I saw your new post. Everyone has missed you. You write so beautifully and add such lovely photographs.
    Yes, I will take you up on your special bottle of wine. We will fix a special picnic to go along with it and you can choose the spot where we can celebrate. ox, Gina

  17. Dear Frances, We have been blessed withy more rain. Everything is growing well and the nasty fires are out. Now the time needs to slow down a bit so that we can enjoy the rest of the Summer. Thank you for your visit.

  18. Hello Anne, How wonderful that you were able to spend a little extra time in Europe. You visited my favorite countries. Thank you for your lovely comment. It is so appreciated.

  19. Dear Georgianna, You are welcome anytime. There are plenty of just ordinary days around here but most of the time we do have the privilege to live as we please. We work hard and then we take time out. We always make time to spend time with friends and we always make plans for a trip to Europe. We buy our tickets early in the year so that we have something to look forward to.
    Georgianna, your last post was sensational. What incredible photographs! I love those gorgeous and abundant bouquets and your photos have made them come to life. Have a wonderful week. ox, Gina

  20. Dear Merisi, One day we will come your way. Gene needs to find out if his Viennese Tailor still has his measurements. Then we can have a cup of fine coffee and I can thank you personally for your sweet comments.

  21. Dear Mary, Boar's Head all Beef Franks? Is that a brand or are you eating Boar's Head?
    Thank you for being so supportive and leaving such wonderful comments. I think that is why most of us blog. We meet such lovely people, like yourself and it gives us an oportunity to see into a little slice of life that normally we would not have access to.

  22. Dear Karen, This place would not be same if we didn't have our animal friends. Gene found the little bird by our front door early one very cold morning. He was lifeless. Gene wrapped him into a warm blanket and he soon recovered and flew off to live another day.
    It is always nice to hear from you. Thank You Karen.

  23. Dear Gina - One thing that comes through in all your postings is that you live so well with great color. Even a picnic in a barn becomes a rich setting!

  24. Dear Mark, A colorful tablecloth covers a multitute of sins and the eye doesn't focus so much on ordinary items, such as those you will find in our very practical barn. Have a great week and thank you for taking the time to comment. Gina

  25. WOW! What an amazing post - You have created a place of great beauty, inside and out.

  26. These photos are spectacular! I enjoyed each and every one, but I have to say my heart jumped for the rowboat/dog/man/lake/hills photo - what a gorgeous shot! Love the umbrella!

  27. Thank you Jeri. And thank you also for your visit. Have a great week.

  28. Hi Leslie, That is Sophie with her Pal. Sophie is always ready to jump into the water when she sees the fish darting away.

  29. Summer at your house looks absolutely delightful!

  30. Dear Gina,
    Am back to see my blogging friends ... Gina, your summer post brought a sigh to my heart and a tear to my eye.. You simply make it all look so beautiful.. and I know that it is. How wonderful summer is. It brings out the best in me. I love to have the house smelling nice and the patios all bright and lovely.
    Your photos are divine. A time to work and a time to play. Enjoy it all Gina.
    sending you lots of hugs
    "bons dias de felicidade"!
    happy days.
    val xx

  31. Dear LindyLou, And Summer must be wonderful in Viterbo. Gene took a spa at your swimming pool a few years ago. I remember it beinga very special place.

  32. Dear Val, I know what you mean about Summer. I love going out and into the garden early in the morning to bring in flowers and vegetables for the day.
    Bons dias de felicidade to you and yours. I have enjoyed your lovely photographs which, by the way, make me long to visit Portugal again. oxoxox, Gina