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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alfalfa, the crop of choice

Life under the Horseshoe Mountain. Our Watershed

Oldtimers watch the snow crest on top. If there is snow on the 24th of July, we will have a good water year.

The first ton of alfalfa from our field, almost 3 weeks late. We usually get three cuttings ... maybe not this year.
Finally, our trees have grown so much that our house is now hidden behind them. What you see is the barn, the garages, and the guest quarters upstairs.

Beginning from the outside of the field, the first row is cut. And a bit later, the entire field is cut.

Next morning, very early, the field is winrowed. The gathering of hay from 2 rows into one. Has to be done before alfalfa dries or too much of the precious fodder is lost.

Next day the alfalfa has dried and is now ready to be baled. Rain is coming. Will it be small bales of 80 pounds, easy to handle when feeding lifestock or will it be large, one-ton bales?
It was baled during the night, in the dark, with lights shining into our windows. One-ton bales it is.

As soon as the alfalfa bales are trucked away the cycle begins all over again. The wheels carry the pipes, which carry the precious, life giving water.



  1. Gina, I don't even know what to say..it all looks grand and wonderful ! and please forgive my thoughts but i kept focusing on the guest quarters! :-)

  2. Dear Lala, I don't know why you would ever want to leave your beautiful Granada. However, let us say that you would. Then, the place is yours. You are welcome anytime.

  3. I'm glad to learn that all that snow is good for something:) Very interesting to learn about your alfalfa

  4. Dear Francesca, You are right, all that snow is good for something. We jumped right into Summer. Missed Spring alltogether. I'm still waiting for my snap peas, but they are coming along. Everything is now going into overdrive. I expect the sour cherries to be ripe in a couple of weeks. Then it will be time to make Kirschwasser.

  5. been hopscotching around your beautiful blog, your home is gorgeous. about your pergola, i assume you are growing something for permanent shade, as in its too soon to be effective yet, i suggest weaving white muslin in during the warm months, having it drizle down the sides, gorgeous and instant shade~

  6. Hello Blue Moon, You have a fabulous idea. I planted several vines a few yeas ago and they are doing well. We have also added stretched outdoor canvas over most of the pergola and have also added canvas curtains to catch the sun as it sets to the west. But I love your idea. It makes so much sense, and is beautiful at the same time. Thank you for your suggestion.