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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A walk around my house

These are a few of my favorite things . . . .

Oh, what stories these pieces could tell . . . . .

I need to mention the rabbits. It is a belt buckle which my Father hand carved for me.

The Madonna painting I purchased, many years ago, from a very charming friend and Art Collector. We had an office in the same building. He would visit often but never mentioned how much I still owed him. I would pay him a few dollars, when I could, and he would acknowledge receipt on a small slip of paper (which I kept in my desk).

And then one day, the painting was paid in full and it was mine, all mine.



  1. I love glimpses into your remarkable home, Gina! Everything is so beautiful and exquisitely done with perfect taste. sigh! :)

  2. Dear Georgianna, thank you for your lovely compliment, especially more meaningful when it comes from you, a person whose work I so admire.

  3. Gina,
    this belt crafted by your father is precious! And i love those glimpses into your house...so delightfully artistic !
    Have a wonderful creative week end! :-)

  4. Your father really was a skilled wood carver! I still remember all his tools from an earlier post. Very nice story about how you purchased that painting!

  5. I think all things treasured should have a story to tell......I love the belt buckle and the story behind it. The painting is another fabulous story! It is wonderful iconography. You have many more stories I think! ;)

  6. Dear Lala, I have different colored suede belts and the buckle slides onto them. My Father carved another buckle for me but this one is now affixed to the bottom of a chandelier. Sounds strange doesn't it but it was the perfect answer for a very ugly spot.

  7. Dear Francesca, you are correct, my Father was a master woodcarver. I always felt that he did the best work for me.

  8. Dear Theresa, When my Father carved this particular buckle for me he told me about the original design. It is a detail from a church from the Middle Ages. I was always fascinated with this design. . . the original trompe l'oeil maybe, three rabbits, three ears, yet each rabbit has two ears.

    Several of my special paintings were purchased from the same art collector friend. I always enjoyed his friendship and our special "business arrangement".

  9. Just discovered your site via Theresa Cheek...and what a delightful discovery it is. So lovely to see not only these beautiful pieces, but to discover the little stories behind them. And the rabbit buckle...now that is a real treasure. So happy to meet you!


  10. Dear Jermaine, how nice too meet you, thank you for hopping over from Theresa's fabulous blog.
    I remember your recent post about John Saladino's home (he is my favorite designer). And now his home is for sale! Thank you for including the interior photographs of this gorgeous property. I am allready envious of the lucky new owner.