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Friday, May 20, 2011

Two years of blogging, post number 300


One, almost Two Years of Blogging.  Can it be?  200, 300 posts?
Partial Re post of August 19, 2010

I'm celebrating

No time to sit around

Canning season is in full swing

There are cucumbers to pickle

The garden is bursting with produce

As I was gathering, from my garden, the necessary ingredients for my pickled cucumbers, I remembered an evening in France.

Driving along a country road, we decided that it was time to find a place to spend the night.  It was late and we were tired.  We stopped at the first available spot.

It looked a little sparse but we knew that it would do. We decided to have dinner and Gene, after having driven for most of the afternoon, wanted a martini.

A martini of sorts.  A Gibson to be exact.  He explained to the waiter that it was similar to a martini but instead of an olive he wanted a small cocktail onion. 

Our waiter indicated that he understood. 

The Gibson arrived and so did a large garden onion on a plate, with garden soil still attached to the roots. 

We used every ounce of willpower not to burst out laughing.  Our rough looking waiter wore a very large and a very ugly red scar on the right side of his face.  In his limited English he had mentioned the French Foreign Legion.

Added note 2011:  Don't know what I was thinking?  Don't know what I wanted to accomplish by blogging when I began in July of 2009.  I guess I wanted to share with you a life that combined an early upbringing in a foreign country with my experiences in the "New World".  Now, so many years later, I'm back living in a small farming community, practicing many of the old world skills which were a very prominent part of my early years.  I thought, possibly, you might be interested. 

Thank you, my dear readers,  for your support and encouragement.  I always look forward to your visits. 




  1. Oh, Gina, congratulations on 200 posts! I so love your story of the Gibson! Very funny and very French! I bet your kitchen smells marvelous – wish I was there to see all the activity. Have a lovely weekend ahead. xo – g

  2. Congrats to you!! To me, it is an achievement I can only aspire to!

    Your home sounds like it is a beehive of activity! Wish I could come and help and learn.



  3. I think Gibson is going to be my cocktail of choice from now on, the rural cocktail:) Congratulations on one year of blogging!

  4. Congratulations Gina and cheers to a year of blogging !
    The onion story cracked me up...I bet you must still smile when your husband orders his favorite martini !
    Have a great week end !

  5. Thank you my dear blogging friends. Thank you Georgianna, thank you Ann, thank you Francesca and thank you Lala.

    I cherish every single one of your comments. That's what keeps me posting.

  6. Wow, congratulations!!! And I wonder how many beautiful photos you have posted in those 300 posts!!! Now that would be a huge number!!

    Enjoy your canning...and your baking...and your MARTINI (onion, dirt and all!)

  7. Dear Barbara, I started my blog, learning along the way. Looking at some of my old posts I can see improvement. Thanks to digital cameras, blogging has become doable.
    Painting together is coming up soon. Be thinking about what masterpiece you would like to create.

  8. We could use a martini right now - or a bloody mary!

  9. By the way, we love your blog and your travel stories.

  10. Hi Christine and Steven, Yes a Bloody Mary right now. Christine, you make the very best...I'm addicted to them.
    Looking forward to introducing you to our favorite part of Italy this coming September.

  11. Gina,

    I love your stories about growing up in Europe. For a Texas girl who has barely been out of the States, it is just fascinating. Please continue to share!! And I love all your pictures!


  12. Have only just found you! Beautiful blog and photos. Have a great weekend.

  13. Hi Jacki, Thank you for your compliment and also, thank you for your visit.

  14. Hi Dianne, Welcome and thank you for becoming a follower. It is sowonderful to receive such nice feedback. Thank you.