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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Der Misthaufen

You have to have good dirt, Chickens and aged Grass Clippings 

And then you can have flowers

And here it is ( I know, you can't stand the excitement).
Ladies and Gentlemen, on your left you see what the chickens donate, next to it, good clean dirt and then the grass clippings, well aged over the winter 

And here is the man and his dog making it all happen

Precious Sweet Peas from England, ready to plant

I don't have many flowers yet but these Hellebore and these Jonquils think nothing of sharing their dirt with Misthaufen gold



  1. Just fabulous, Gina! Love your "Misthaufen", knowing what it means!

    Your Hellebore's are soooo beautiful, werde richtig neidisch! Isn't it good that we all have flowers blooming in different 'time-zones', countries, areas.....and not all together at the same time allover the world.

    So much pleasure! You really have a "gruenes Haendchen" (a green hand) as we say in German.
    Very lovely post!

    Lieben Gruss aus dem Périgord

  2. Dear Karin, No doubt you have a Misthaufen somewhere near your garden...your beautiful flowers attest to it. We are late this year, my trees are still in bud. That gives us time to improve our soil which was badly needed. We say having a "green thumb" and you definitely have a green thumb.

  3. Oh Gina, we used to have a "Komposthaufen", not any more, too much work and no longer a vegetable garden.
    A real "Misthaufen" with chickens, of course, would be so good! Actually, we call the good chickens (for eating!) "Mistkratzer"!!!
    When our Nachbar still had a horse right next door, I received from time to time as a very special gift, some horse menure (?), which is also one of the best fertilizer! Remembering the time when I was a child that I use to collect it on the village streets. Last Century!!! Good old days!

    Now we're praying for rain! Everything is so dry.....
    Not only here, also in Germany. The water level of the Rhein is the lowest since 100 years, would you believe. What a strange year.
    Herzlichst - karin

  4. Dear Karin, Our friends come by on horse and usually leave a present, amount depends on how much champagne is served while the horses wait patiently.
    Yes, collecting cow and horse manure from cobblestone streets in our little village in East Germany was a daily routine.
    Hate to hear about your lack of water...not good for everyone concerned. We are being inundated with moisture and cold this year.

  5. Gina, every time I see photographs of your beautiful, healthy plants, I wonder if you've been to Findhorn. Certainly your plants and flowers respond to your special attention!

  6. Spring is finally happening for you! I've been amazed at how long your winter lingers - seeing your pics of snow so recently (long after it disappeared here) made me really understand the significance of your greenhouse. Your flowers, inside and outdoors, are just gorgeous - I totally agree with Mark's comment.

  7. Hi Mark, You give me too much credit. I have many failures. I had to look up Findhorn. Had not heard anything about them. Interesting organization. Have you attended any of their workshops?

  8. Hi Karen, How right you are! Finally! Even if it is only in spurts and starts. At least my greenhouse provides some color thruought the long and cold winter season.

  9. Your soil is going to be very happy and well nourished!

  10. Dear Francesca, Hope we're not overdoing it. Sometimes being overly zealous is not the best practice. Our plants will tell us soon enough.