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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hand Painted ceramic tiles are back

Veranda July-August 2011

Not much has changed in the making of hand painted tiles

There is no limit to the possibilities

I can give them an antique finish or they can be shiny and new
either way they will last many lifetimes

My hand painted tiles are fired to 1800 degrees, colors will never fade

 Traditional Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, French, Modern and more ...

The originals painted 600 years ago, now recreated using the same techniques and the same color pigments

Painting tiles is a lot of fun
If you don't believe me come and join my upcoming workshop
July 15th and 16th.
No prior experience necessary



  1. Sigh, you keep tempting me, dear Gina! I would LOVE to attend your workshop. (This year has already become so hectic. More travel ahead and we're practically using machetes to get the garden under control after being away so much.) You inspire me, though. I love your work so much.

    Thanks for stopping by and wishing you a just lovely weekend! xo – g

  2. I can't wait!!! Only 3 more weeks :) Yippee!!!

  3. With antiques or/and some other designs there is hardly anything really new, but 'here and there', by luck, some improvement or a new/fresh/uptadet idea.
    You certainly full-fill this!

    I would love to come to your workshop as well!

    Many greetings from Périgord,

    I do have to apologize for my poor 'school-English'! But who could read any of my comments in German?

  4. Dear Karin, Your school English is perfect. Wish I could speak and write all the languages that you know.

  5. Hi Barbara, We will have a great time painting. Because you areso familiar with Italian ceramics it will be interesting for me to see how your type of painting relates to Maiolica.

  6. Hi Blue Moon, I can show you how.

  7. Dear Georgianna, I just know that one day you will come for a visit.
    Your last post of your photographs from Europe, is incredible. What a very special gift you have.
    Have a wonderful week my so very talented friend.

  8. I'm in love with the bathroom in the first pic. Your tiles are exquisite, Gina. I have some old blue and white Portuguese tiles that I treasure, and seeing yours takes me right back to happy memories of my childhood in Portugal.

  9. Hi, Gina - Your posts are always inspiring. I wonder, do you ever transfer designs to the ceramics, or is your tile art all freehand?

  10. Hi Mark, I do both. The more intricate designs, such as portraits, I first draw onto mylar and then transfer with special red Saral paper onto bisqueware (once fired clay). Also, if I'm asked to paint repeat tiles I use a sponse (special paper and tracing the designs with holes punched and then dusted with charcoal). The charcoal leaves a pattern on the clay which is then easily traced by painting the outline with a base color (manganese). Often, I paint freehand, it's faster and less rigid and leaves plenty of room for interpretation.

  11. Hi Karen, Hand painted tiles have become so expensive and doing an entire wainscoting or even a wall (as is often done in Portugal) is usually beyond everyones budget. That's why painting them yourself is a great idea. The materials are not expensive, easily available and there is always a kiln handy whose owner, for a small fee, will fire your tiles.

  12. what a hand painting on ceramic tiles i really like it keep going on

  13. We’ve been stumbling around the internet and found your blog along the way.

    We love your work! What a great corner of the internet :)

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    1. I'm glad you found me. Thank you for your very nice compliment.