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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Father was different

My Father jogged barefoot in the freezing winters of East Prussia

This is my winter, not East Prussia

He exercised every day...even into his eighties

He spit-shined his shoes every day for four years while in a Prison Camp in Siberia

He was different.  Often,  I was teased by my classmates because my Father was different

My Father was an Artist...that explained many things...

My Father was a Master Woodcarver from the Old Country

My Father would practice discipline by not looking into shop windows...very odd

When I was about 8 years old my Father asked me to come into his studio.  Fastened to his workbench was a thick piece of Alder wood.  He instructed me on how to carve a bowl.  My older sister had been given the same instructions.  She did well.  I did not, I carved a hole into the bottom.  I was not invited again.

But my Father took me on many painting expeditions.  I could paint.

My Father signed all of his work.  Once they were completed I would sneak into his studio and with one of his chisels I would carve "my mark" in an inconspicuous place.

On his 80th birthday I fessed up to my misdeeds.  He first looked at me in disbelief and then he threw his head  back and he laughed and he laughed.

My Father taught me to be different, I like it that way.

Happy Father's Day Pappa



  1. A charming post. In one way or another, a parent is reflected when a child can celebrate his or her own uniqueness in the world. And when that unique spirit betters the world, the parent has achieved his finest legacy. Happy Father's Day.

  2. I always enjoy reading about your childhood, and these little details you shared about your father and his character are quite touching. Your father was a great artist and man.

  3. Your father was very talented, and I think that is reflected in your own talent. xo

  4. what a wonderful insight to your father...he taught you well I think!

  5. Gina I adore this honor to your Father. He cherished both his and your own unique gifts!

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  6. Your father sounds like a truly unique individual and a wonderful dad. What gifts he's passed on to you ...

  7. Gina,
    That was beautiful! You are very lucky to have those treasures to remember him by. And you inherited his creativity, passion and courage!

  8. Dear Mark, Could not have said it better. Thank you for your very special comment. Wishing you a great week.

  9. Dear Francesca, What a beautiful picture of you and your Father on your way to your wedding. I know that you are a very private person and sharing this picture with us was very special.

  10. Hi Karen, you are right, my Father was a very special person. He was a soldier in two wars yet he still kept his sense of uniqueness.

  11. Hi Ann, Yes, I am very lucky to have such beautiful reminders of my Father. We don't always appreciate how special our parents are until we grow up and realize that parenting is not easy.

  12. Now we all know where you got your artistic talent from!
    Your father was certainly a very good 'wood-carver'/sculptor/artist, a real human with the right sense of humor and - just a special father!
    This post is touching!

  13. Dear Karin, Thank you for your sweet comment. My Father was very special and maybe hew knew itand maybe he didn't.

  14. What memories to treasure.
    It must have been so uplifting to be part of an artists' household.
    How did you manage to make a vacated wasps' nest (I am guessing) look so beautiful.