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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The crown collection

Are you of Royal Birth?

I'm not either, I don't think.

But that doesn't stop me from eating with royal plates.

I continue to paint in my new minimalist style.
Mostly white with a little ornamentation, what the Italians call Bianchi or Faenza White Style.

However, just as the Leopard can not change his spots,  I can not ignore color all together.

Simple or Fancy, to set the table with "a uniquely yours" Crest Plate, is very affordable. 
Come for a visit and I will show you how to paint your own or I will paint them for you.  All you have to do is ask. 

 This Urn is waiting for your Initial, maybe even in Gold.

Have a great week my dear
Blogging Friends.



  1. Hi Gina, I have found the design for my platter....I LOVE the acorn/ oak wreath
    With the crown, gorgeous! Could you incorporate the initial M in there as well? I prefer white plate with black, perhaps a bit of gold? What do you think? N.xo

  2. Dear Nella, I painted the Acorn/Oak wreath platter with you in mind. I have a drawing which includes the Letter M in the center and and a crown on top of the wreath. I will send you the drawing. Do I have your e-mail or I can send the picture through Etsy. ox, Gina

  3. Dear Gina,
    absolutely beautiful. what would we expect other than "Regal" designs from you.

    My grandmother was Irish and very dark. she was called the "Gypsie".. So I like to think that i come from the Gypsy Queen clan!.. possibly green blood!! ):
    I do so wish i was able to attend your workshops.
    You have chosen such regal designs. love them all
    Happy tuesday

  4. Wow these are magnificent!!!!!! I am interested!! I have a thing for crowns and crests, always have. Must mean I was a queen in my former life:) Beautiful Gina!

  5. Dear Val, Gypsies are some of my favorite people. My friends have called me Gypsy...I have calmed down a little. No doubt you are from the Gypsy Queen Clan and we should design a proper crest for you. ox, Gina

  6. Dear Tina, That is wonderful to hear that you like my new designs. Any one of these crests with crown or one especially designed for you would look wonderful in your beautiful new home. I would be so pleased to paint them for you. Gina

  7. I like your full-color and one-color-on-white equally. I hope you update us on Heritage Day sales, and what you discovered by displaying both lines.

  8. Dear Mark,
    Will do. I'm very curious myself. Judging from the response,the simple white seems to appeal. I have received several orders. Not only am I painting for the upcoming event, I'm also painting a lot of crowns, laurel wreaths and initials. I have always wanted to own monogrammed dishes, so I'm not surprised at the appeal.

  9. Oh these are just stunning, Gina. How incredibly talented you are. We could all pretend to be royal with a set of these. I love the range of styles you show here and would find it terribly difficult to choose, though I think possibly the very top plate (blue and gold, not in your minimalist style) has won me over the most in a tough competition! (And this is from someone who claims to be minimalist herself!). I also look forward to seeing more and hearing about the response at your sales.

  10. What a nice and elegant plates. You're really talented. I appreciate your works. I love the styles and its textures. Keep up the good works. By EPSON, all things are convenience and quality trusted.Thank you.

  11. Dear Karen, We can call ourselves Minimalists and now and then take a little detour. Having a set of dishes or chargers with a design especially made just for us always makes us feel special.

  12. Hi Christine, thank you for visiting and thank you also for your sweet comment.

  13. Gina, These pieces are beautiful! I am always amazed at your talent.
    xo, Sherry

  14. This is my first time visiting your blog and I am truly amazed! What beautiful work you do! I can see these pieces in a gorgeous old cupboard - wow! Thanks for sharing.

  15. You are so talented! These are so special. I plan to take a longer look around your blog. Beautiful work!