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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter

It's Easter, it means that Spring is finally here,
my favorite time of year.

 There will be lots of work in the garden.

Golden Eggs?  It's easy to do.

Paint egg with "size" (white glue)
Wait half an hour, lay on gold leaf, polish with soft cloth.
For more information:

And paint a few eggs with acrylics.
All materials available in any craft store.

There will be many warm days and the air will be filled with a heady perfume.

And at the end of the day
there will always be 

a shady spot where cool refreshments will be waiting.

Come on over, there is room for you too.

Happy Easter my dear
Blogging Friends.



  1. I'd love to come over, Gina! Love the Easter eggs, esp. the painted ones. You've inspired me - maybe I'll paint some eggs today. Happy Easter to you and Gene!

  2. Love your eggs, Gina!
    Und ich liebe Deine Stiefmütterchen, zauberhaft!

    Wuensche Dir eine sonnige und froehliche Osterwoche!
    herzlichst, karin

  3. I wish you and Gene a Happy Easter, and happy gardening — I know you'll be in your element. Well, one of your elements!

  4. A beautiful post Gina,

    I will certainly try the golden egg. will have to be for next year. I can only buy the gold leaf in the Algarve ..
    Your painted eggs are so delightful and pretty.
    wishing you a blessed Holy week.

  5. Wishing you a happy Easter Gina, enjoy your garden in, hopefully, lovely warm weather♥

  6. Dear Gina, I love the gilded egg!! And the plate with the hare....so whimsical...you have caught his leaping abilities perfectly! Would so love to paint in a class of yours!, yes, Gina I can hardly wait to get my hands into the garden, perhaps this weekend, it promises to be about 55F on Saturday, but with all the Easter preparations, it might have to wait a bit. I wish you a happy and joyous Easter, N.XO

    P.S. always kind and generous comments you leave behind....xoxo

  7. Thank you Jacki and a very happy Easter to you. Can we see some of your painted eggs?

  8. Dear Karin, Ich sende ein grossen Wunsch für einen wunderschönen Oster Sonntag. That was a beautiful post you published last week. So many lovely photographs of your garden.

  9. Dear Mark, Wishing you also a wonderful Easter. Enjoyed reading your post about Faberge. You always know just how to write a story and make it interesting and informative at the same time.

  10. Dear Val, Happy Easter to you and yours. Have you tried ordering gold leaf (not the real stuff but the metal composition)from the Internet? I have had to resort to doing just that because we live in a very rural area.

  11. Dear Nella, Happy Easter weekend. I'm looking forward to admiring what I know will be beautiful photographs of your garden and flowers.

  12. Beautiful, Gina! I will have to try the golden egg. :)

    Wishing you and Gene a very Happy Easter. xo – g

  13. And a happy Easter Sunday to you Penand. Thank you for your visit.

  14. Dear Georgianna, I hope that you will give gold leafing on eggs a try... it's so easy and the results are spectacular. Also silver and copper leaf is available in any craft store. I would love to see them in one of your spectacular photographs.
    Happy Easter Sunday.ox, Gina

  15. Happy Easter to you, Gina, from South Africa, where we have celebrated with a feast of an Easter Sunday lunch with friends and where autumn is on the way. I'm looking forward to seeing spring as it unfolds in your beautiful garden!

  16. Dear Christine and hello Steven, Happy Easter Sunday to you. It's beautiful here today. Sun is shining and warm. Better get down here soon.

  17. Dear Karen, celebrating with friends is the best way to celebrate. I'm always so jealous when you show us pictures of Spring Flowers when it is going into Fall here. I can gloat a little now that Spring is on its way. Happy Easter Sunday to you and yours.