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Thursday, April 19, 2012

It may still be cold outside

In fact, it still freezes at night. 

My humble little greenhouse will have to suffice for now.

It is heated by the sun.

It makes it possible for me to save my geraniums from one year to the next.

I can grow enough different varieties to fashion a flower bouquet whenever the mood strikes me.

Every year I add a few new varieties.

The blue cement wall absorbs the heat from the sun.

Papaver nauticale  love the cool greenhouse.

Nasturtiums planted themselves. 

Soon all plants will go outside and my greenhouse will be just another sad little place. 

Have a great remainder of the week my dear
Blogging Friends.


  1. Our weather here, has taken a dive for the worst. Its cold again and raining and misty. Ugg.
    It would be sad to lose such lovely geraniums and other flowers.
    So great that you have a greenhouse. I have a couple of geraniums i bought..but will keep them on the patio..
    Hope the weather gets better for you Gina. I read the article in the magazine about you. Ever so excellent. You are so so talented.
    Happy Friday
    sending good vibes
    val xxx

  2. Dear Gina, I will be returning home to Canada tomorrow, it has been in the 100's here in Palm Springs and going back home to 39 degrees....I wonder what my garden will look like?? Oh to have your little greenhouse! What a treasure ! Your flowers for planting in the garden are so lovely....sometimes I wish for more sunlight, as mine is a woodland garden, but I am grateful....it is so exciting this time of year to see all the beautiful posts on gardening isn't it? N.xo

  3. What stunning pictures, felt like I could reach in and smell them. Finally our weather is warming up......but it could get wacko again and dip into the 30's, it happens! Enjoy this wonderful season.

  4. Those geraniums are begging me to rub my fingers on their leaves to release their enticing aroma!
    Wish I had a greenhouse so I could have flowers without knowing I was only placing dinner on the table for the local deer.
    Papaver nauticale is a new variety to me - striking!

    Mary in Oregon

  5. Dear Val, My greenhouse is a simple affair but it does get me through the winter doldrums. Can't grow many exotics in there but hardy plants will survive our cold winters.
    I'm curious, what magazine? ox, Gina

  6. Dear Nella, Woodland gardens are my favorite gardens. They are so mysterious. This is my favorite time of the year. There will be lots of work but it is so rewarding. Maybe you will share a few pictures of your garden with us. ox, Gina

  7. Dear Tina, I have noticed that your garden is waking up. Isn't it wonderful that you were able to keep so many plants and shrubs from the previous gardener. ox, Gina

  8. Dear Mary, It's no fun to garden and then have critteres come by and in one swush detstroy everything. You probably know Papaver Nauticale as Icelandic Poppies, one of the many poppy varieties, this one being a biannual. xo, Gina

  9. Nasturtiums are popular here in Florida because they last well through our milder winters. I've grown to love them.

  10. Dear Mark, Have you noticed how Nasturtiums last a long time in a vase and have you also noticed that they continue to grow and reach for the light while in water.

    1. I've never cut Nasturtiums because, alas, I don't have them in my own yard, but I'll pass this information on to my Nasturtium friends, of whom I have a few!