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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

It's a very special day!

It's a day when we can throw caution to the wind 

eat an entire box of chocolates. 

Have a most wonderful Day. 



  1. Oh Gina that is the most beautiful heart, it took my breath away!
    Are those the spectacular chocolates your friend makes? I think I'd choose the one with stripes - then you could have the pink heart!
    Love and Valentine hugs.
    Mary XX

    1. Dear Mary, I noticed the heart pin in a window of a colorful Bavarian Dirndel shop. The picture within the heart was grey and white. I colored it (as you may have noticed I love color). You can tell that I have worn this heart many times. I love to wear it with my Tyrolean sweaters.
      Some time ago I featured this pin in a blog post and provided an address. I will look for it if you like. You might be able to order it from Austria or Germany. The shop had other designs, one more beautiful than the next.

    2. Dear Mary, I just added a link at the bottom of my post.

    3. How interesting these pins are - thanks for the link.
      Yes, I know how you love color and you do such amazing things with the jewel tones. I do love them too but perhaps that doesn't show up in my decor and clothes which are often more subdued!! Currently I love the aubergines, plums etc., and always the deepest indigo blues. Now I see in decor (BTW the new issue of House Beautiful is awesome) they are pushing really darker paint colors - navy, chocolate, charcoal etc. - and of course I keep painting my foyer in those shades! Dark navy now but am thinking of a change perhaps this year!
      Mary x

    4. Thank you Mary, I will pick up a House Beautiful today. My colors have become more subdued as well, especially in my clothes and interiors. However, when it gets to flowers, the more colorful the better.
      Oh, and yes, the chocolates were brought by again this year by my fabulous chocolate artist, Karen.

  2. Dear Gina,
    such an unusual heart and so very pretty. We just finished a late breakfast of Apple Pancakes with Maple Syrup
    and some candlelight because it is a dark morning, mild, but very grey. Wishing you and Mr. G. a lovely day and
    sending happy greetings, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, I love Apple Pancakes, my absolute favorites.
      Candlelight is always perfect and especially welcome on a grey and rainy day.

  3. Dear Gina - it looks as if you and Gene are enjoying a lovely relaxing day and also dipping into a delicious looking box of chocolates too.
    Your exquisite heart is delightful and must surely make the perfect companion when worn on your Tyrolean sweater.

    1. Dear Rosemary, Can you think of anything more delicious than a box of very fine and hand crafted chocolates? Mr G tried to hide them from me...to no avail. In two days they were gone, mostly eaten by me. It was all worth it. I'll go climb a mountain today.

  4. Gina, your Valentine's Day looks so beautiful, stylish...and with those chocolates...delicious, too.

    Thank you also for the encouragement about the orchids. Unfortunately, my little apartment's only light sources are near radiators. Maybe once we get past the winter chills, and the necessary radiator hissing, I might give one of those Trader Joe's orchids another chance. I truly love all the variations of orchid blooms. xo


    1. Dear Frances, Yes you can. Once an orchid is blooming it doesn't need light to continue. You might like one by your bedside. Any place will do, just not by high heat or drafty and cold corners. Treat yourself and pick one up from Trader Joe's.

    2. Thank you, Gina, for a valuable piece of info that is new to me, that "once an orchid is blooming it doesn't need light to continue." I am doing a survey of some possible resting places for a test. Oh, I do hope I can keep the test orchid alive.

      What a dear blogging friend you are! xo