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Friday, February 12, 2016

I have waited for almost a year.

And now they are beginning to open.

A few weeks ago  we talked about how to get orchids to re bloom. 

First I noticed the new spikes.  These orchids have been waiting patiently in a quiet corner by an east facing window.  

All they needed was a weekly watering and a lot of light 
(not direct sun).

I never know what color they will be  (I should label them).
Sometimes you can tell by the new buds.  

All of the buds will open and will bloom for at least another 
6 months or more. 

In another corner, these orchids have been blooming for more than 
5 months.  Soon they will fade and the blossoms will drop one at a time. 

Over the years I have had some very colorful orchids. 

I love them all.

This corner, in my dining room, faces south and west. 
 Conditions are just right and often I will be rewarded with secondary spikes. 

After blooming, these Dendrobiums like to be placed outside where they will be watered with the rest of the plants.
 They need a light frost to set their spikes.   That is in October in our area.  

Often I place several orchids into one decorative planter.  They don't mind as long as you water them at least twice a week.  

Miltonia orchids come in many sensational colors and have a very haunting scent.  

Their blooms only last a couple of weeks and it is difficult to make them bloom again. 

That is why I like Phalaenopsis orchids.  It may take a while but they will reward you with  many blooms.

You can tell how healthy your orchid is by the length of the spike they throw.  

When all the blooms have fallen off look for the buds at the end of the spike to grow and thicken.  Often you will notice an additional 5 or 6 new blooms forming. 

Most people prefer an all white Phalaenopsis.
Sometimes a little color is just what the doctor ordered.  

This is still my favorite Phalaenopsis, white with a pink center. 

Have a wonderful week 




  1. They are magnificent! You must be very proud Gina to be able to grow all those beauties in your own house!
    Happy weekend!

    1. Dear Olympia, Anyone can make these beautiful flowers bloom again. All it takes is patience and a sunny window. Happy valentine's Day week.

  2. Dear Gina,
    Your patience has paid off with a great healthy looking orchid and I love the white vessel they sit in. I never see any plants with that many spikes or blossoms. What great reward for the care you give these gorgeous orchids.
    Have a lovely weekend, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, I have to confess that I have a secret. To give the illusion of such abundance I place several orchid plants into one pot. Most often an orchid will only produce one spike for each plant. If you're lucky you might get two spikes. I rarely use orchid fertilizer...I probably should use it more often.
      Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.

  3. Such a glorious collection of orchids, also the vases/urns etc. to hold them. Your photos of them are beautiful Gina.
    I don't have a sunny/bright place to grow them - or space near the windows - but I'm loving looking at yours!
    That cream colored screen(?) with the reliefs is breathtaking - Asian perhaps?
    Love your older books sans dust covers - the spines/bindings are always so beautiful when displayed.

    Hope your Valentine's Day is LOVEly for you and Mr. G - know you will make it special.
    Big hugs and love - Mary (Bob too!) xx

    1. Dear Mary, The wonderful thing about orchids is that they don't mind being in a dark corner, that is, once all the blooms have opened. So, you can still enjoy them in your house for at least 4 to 5 months.
      We purchased the cream colored screen at an antiques show. at least forty years ago. I don't know much about it, but you are right, it is from the Far East.
      The large white cache pot came from Costco a few years ago. You never know what prize you will find at the most unexpected places. I usually remove the dust covers from books. I make one exception, coffee table books are easily identified when they keep their covers.
      Wishing you a very special Valentine's Day. ox, Gina

  4. Dear Gina, many thanks for this glorious Valentine's Day gift of beautiful orchids. Clearly, you've got just the right combo of light and temperature and watering...and just appreciation, to nourish these splendid flowers.

    As I've mentioned a time or three in the past, my apartment's window/radiator situations are not very plant friendly. Alas.


    1. Dear Frances, You might not want to put an orchid next to a hissing radiator. However, a Phalie would do well in any other part of your apartment. You probably won't be able to make them come to bloom again but orchids nowadays are very inexpensive...they cost less than a short lived flower bouquet.

  5. So nice, you can get them into flower again after a year.

    1. Hello Janeke, It's easy if you can find an out of the way spot in your house. They are a very ordinary looking plant and most people don't like to look at them with only a few leaves growing out of a pot.