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Sunday, June 10, 2018

What is going on around here?

The word is out!

When we built our house 23 years ago,
the pond was here but not a single bird was in sight.

We thought that possibly something was wrong with the water.

After a few years wild ducks and wild geese would stop by when every other pond was frozen. 

Our pond is spring fed.  
For years the birds did not bring their young. 

So what is different this year?  
Did it take 23 years for the birds to feel save with us?  

What is wrong with this picture?  
There are too many parents. 

Salpiglossis and Iceland Poppies grow in my garden. 

Now is the time to bring poppies into the house. 
Be sure to singe their stems first.  
They will last a week in water.   

And inside the house,  a Cymbidium  orchid is getting a bath. 

Happy Sunday to you and yours,



  1. Such a magical pond - so lovely in fact, the geese and ducks tell their friends to follow them over to your place I'm certain. I plan to follow too!!!!!
    Love poppies and sapiglossis, and the orchid is gorgeous, perfect shade against your blue tiles Gina.
    Hope you both are enjoying your Sunday. . . . and then the week ahead.

    Mary X

  2. Hi Mary,
    We are looking forward to your visit.

  3. How fascinating that it has taken all this time for the ducks etc. to discover that yours is the pond they all want to hang out at. Beautiful flowers both inside and out, thanks for bringing them to Mosaic Monday today.

    1. Thank you Maggie. It is amazing how fast all of our little birds are growing. I am so pleased that you like my flowers. Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday.

  4. The geese are so beautiful and you got amazing photos! I would just love to sit and watch them swim. Maybe some of those adults are young ones from other flocks! Lovely! Hugs, Diane

    1. Hi Diane, I thought that I knew all about our geese and ducks. However, this year there were a few Firsts. There is definitely a pecking order. Watching how they all work out their differences is a study in diplomacy. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. How lovely to have the geese and their young to watch on your pond. Your flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for the tip about singeing the ends of poppies. For me, it was the scent of them that had me putting them outside. They weren't the single ones like you have; those don't bother me, but the double or peony head poppies. I've also heard them called opium poppies, so perhaps that's why the scent seemed stifling to me. I'm not allergic to any plants that I know of.
    Enjoy your beautiful garden!

    1. Hi Lorrie,
      The next poppies that will bloom in my garden are the opium poppies (Papaver Somniferum). Most of them will be single blossoms and they don't have a scent but come in beautiful lavender and pink shades. I seeded them last Fall by broadcasting the seeds in between Lavender. My favorite poppy is the Shirley poppy. All are easy to grow from seed and all will do well in bouquets if you singe their stems. Hope you give it a try. You will be rewarded with a beautiful display.

  6. Your ducks on the pond -- better late than never!!! Such a joy to watch them. Your flowers are beautiful

    1. Thank you Snap, How nice of you to come by and leave a comment.

  7. Beautiful pond.word out indeed. Thsnks for the beautiful flowers too


  8. Hello Gillena, Thank you for your lovely comment. It is so appreciated.

  9. Isn't it exciting to see wildlife in your own backyard? The animal and the flower variety!!!

    1. Hello Angie and welcome. There is always something new around here...every day is different.

  10. Gina, your property is so pretty. It is a mystery why the birds did not fine your lovely lake sooner. You should add a pair of swans. Thanks for the tip on the poppies. Ours are all gone now, but will remember this.

  11. Hello Sarah,

    We have 2 stately white geese with very long necks. Everyone mistakes them for Swans. Did you know that Swans are mean and that
    they leave giant messes.

    All of our wild geese are still with us. At the moment the little ones are eating our daisy flowers. They are welcome to them, we have many.