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Thursday, February 25, 2021



Only a very short walk from my house

an old farmstead has lost its owner.

Only a few months ago cattle were fed from this big haystack.

A bachelor farmer lived here.

Look at the size of that saw blade.

He said he didn't need a wife 
"because he had a woman  (that's me) 
running through his fields every day". 

Will someone take over this farm? 
Probably not.  Farming is hard and has few rewards. 

This fertilizer spreader shows how many years it has been dragged through the fields...
it has picked up bailing twine that will never come off.  
And the water tank will never be moved to a pasture.  

 The Danes knew how to build fine cabins.  Cabins which have stood straight and proud for more than a hundred years. 

This one probably built by the same family. 

The granary is still full of barley.

It takes a lot of equipment to run a farm. 

There is order in a forgotten corner.

He will not leave his owner's house.  

I have known  him since he was a puppy, now he barks at me.  

Not to worry, a neighbor is taking care of him.  His brother has already moved over. 

Have a great weekend dear Friends, 


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  1. Dear Gina,

    Such a bittersweet post.

    The delightful details you show of the farmhouse reflect a life well lived on the land. However, the rust and decay make one feel that, perhaps, the good times [if indeed they ever existed] are well in the past. And, will they ever return one wonders. The land needs working to stay alive and thriving, so it would be good if someone can give it a new lease of life.

    1. Dear Jane and dear Lance,
      The farm belonged to a bachelor. He never had a wife who could have made a difference. As it was he concentrated on taking care of his large herd of cattle.
      We have many farmers in this valley who work and work and never have even gone for a Sunday drive.

  2. Dear Gina,
    It is so sad to see someone's hopes and dreams and hard work fall into disrepair and be neglected. Farming is such an important part of our economy and contributes much to the life of a community. I'm glad a neighbour is caring for that loyal dog. Beautiful views and poignant thoughts.

  3. Dear Lorrie,
    You are so right. Farmers are so important. They have to have a love for working the soil and caring for their animals. It is hard work. I was raised in a farming community. Many times school was let out so that we could help Farmers thin beets in the spring and harvest beets in the fall. For working all day we received a sandwich and beef broth at lunchtime.