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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Three's company


You remember Clyde ?

He's the one who lost his mate Lola recently. 

He was very sad and kept calling for her.  

I finally found a company who would send an Emden gosling.  

In the meantime Clyde began acting very strange.

Clyde is in full mating mode (red eyes) and is courting a Canadian Goose.

Two days ago, five little goslings dropped from the embankment and into the pond.
Clyde immediately took over. 

Clyde insists that he is the Father. 

Now the real Father has appeared.

 All parents watch over the little goslings.  
Will one of the goslings be all white?  
According to an article written in 1914, such a thing has happened.  

In the meantime my Auriculas are beginning to bloom.  
I have waited 2 years. 

Geraniums are ready to go outside. 

Spring has really come. 

Take care dear friends, 


  1. Dear Gina - the plot surrounding Clyde thickens. It will be interesting to see the final appearance of the little goslings as they mature.
    Auricular's are such attractive flowers - here people tend to showcase them in what is known as an Auricular Theatre - do gardeners do that in the States too?

    1. Dear Rosemary,
      Indeed, the plot is thickening. Clyde has now become aggressive. One of the chicks separates itself from the group. Maybe it is going to be the look-alike.
      Auricular Theatre is new to me and what a beautiful way to showcase this gorgeous little flower.

  2. How good that the grown ups seem to be friends!
    I also love Sweet Peas but have never had any luck with them but after what you wrote in your previous post I will have a new go.

    1. Hello Janicke,
      Peace has not prevailed in the geese family. Clyde, the Emden, is attacking the wild Canadian Goose. Just another reason to watch the goings and comings of our pond.
      If peas are given copious amounts of water, especially in the beginning, you should not have any trouble getting them to bloom profusely.
      Thank you for your visit. Your gardens are amazing.

  3. Such wonderful news that Clyde has a new mate, he missed Lola so much - is she with you already or in transit? Perhaps at least one of the goslings will be his which would be fun. Meanwhile really nice to see all three possible parents are enjoying teaching the babies all about your pond. Gina I can't recall if Lola and Clyde could fly away or if their wings were clipped - it seems they were always there year round right?
    Beautiful new blooms appearing now - and hoping no more sudden snow squalls around you now May is here!
    Wow, those geraniums are awesome. . . . .and the perfect blue shade of the auriculas was worth the 2 year wait!!!
    Thanks for the Get Well thoughts - I'm going to be fine within a few weeks I'm certain - though staying on the meds for such a long time ahead will be annoying.
    Love from us both xx

    1. Dear Mary,
      Thank you for your message. Your hands must now hurt even more. Sorry that you are in so much pain. Hopefully, your medicine will help.
      I ordered and paid for a female, 1 day old gosling. Son after that I noticed Clyde's mating behavior. He had picked out a beautiful wild Canadian Goose to be his friend. I cancelled my gosling order. The other day 5 little goslings appeared and Clyde, along with the female goose, claimed them as their own. Hours later a wild male Canadian goose showed up upon the scene. Clyde is insisting that the new goslings are his. Now he is beginning to fight The sad moment will come when the newly hatched geese will fly. Clyde, like all domestic geese, can't fly. Their bodies are too heavy. In the past, when his mate has flown to another pond, Clyde has tried to fly by running as fast as he can, wings spread, but ended up in a field and finally walking back. His mate has always come back but I don't know what will happen this time when the young geese will leave permanently, as they always do.
      In the past, when I have ordered Auriculas, I have ordered many different colors. But they always turn out to be blue.

  4. There is flock of ducklings on the canal near my house - the parents started with twelve but there are now only four though they seem to be thriving. Nature has its ways...

    1. Hello Professor,
      Our flying friends fare better on our pond. Although raccoons, bald eagles, chicken hawks, herons and weasels try their best to get an easy meal. One of the goslings is much smaller than the others. He might not make it but in the meantime I call him Mama's boy because he always rides on her back.