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Monday, March 22, 2010

Giveaway, Gardeners Rejoice

Tell me please, what is the most unusual vegetable you have grown in your garden?

Winner will receive 6 original cards, images from my ceramics printed on fine ecru colored cardstock.

Only one entry from each participant will be considered. Giveaway closes midnight (your time), March 28, 2010.

As before, qualified judges will be standing by, drinking champagne in the interim.



  1. as one of the winners of the previous giveaway (yes, Gina, your foot scrubber DOES work miracles) I don't know if I qualify for this one but let me give it a try;-) I won't win anyway since the most unusual plant I've ever grown (no garden:-(, just a window sill) was rocket salad (rucola)... nothing out of ordinary, right? but lettuce + tomatoes + oil of olive + mozarella + RUCOLA = this is sth extraordinary:-))))
    ps. the cards are lovely, Gina!!

  2. Gosia, I LOVE Rucola. I grow it every year in my garden. We also call it Arugula. It has such a nice spicy flavor. And I love your recipe. Just because you grow it in your window sill does not mean that you can't win my giveaway.

  3. Lovely cards !
    well no, unfortunately it's not lavender which grows on the roof..i wish ! just some kind of herb..

  4. Hi Gina,
    Beautiful cards!!! So I will tell you the lesser common things I have grown in my garden, and you can decide if any of them are unusual...
    Chicory, Japanese eggplants, Italian green beans, and heirloon tomatoes. Nothing too exotic, but maybe?

  5. Hi Barbara, Which of the chicorias do you grow? Mine are always so bitter. I was told, by a market lady in Bolzano, that I should blanch the leaves first. That didn't work either. Maybe it's my soil.

  6. OH, gosh, I'm not sure which one I had but it was delicious!!! I believe Chicories are always a little bit bitter, but mine was so tender. It was the best type of lettuce I have ever grown. I would slice it "chiffonade" style and serve it simply dressed with a little olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper! And it lasted forever! It kept coming back for the entire season.

  7. Mmm, I adore arugula, too! But alas, I've never grown any vegetables, unusual or otherwise. But the cards are beautiful, Gina! – g

  8. Gina, those cards are beautiful! I love the artichoke flower (is that what it is?). I saw some dried artichoke flowers in a magazine that were just amazing. Now I hope to convince my neighbor farmer to let one of his artichokes go to flower for me! The most unusual vegetable I (accidentally) grew was a gigantic heirloom pumpkin.

  9. Hi Francesca, Yes it is an artichoke, but not it's flower. I have taken artistic license and made it more colorful.

    Most artichoke flowers you see, used in florist work, are dyed to spectacular colors. The natural color of an artichoke is kind of neutral, at least mine are.

  10. Gosia, I forgot to thank you for the compliment of my "Foot Scrubbers". They really do the job, don't they.

  11. Georgianna, Wow, I am flattered. Your name might just have to be thrown into the hat even though you are not growing anything unusual.

  12. They're the best ones I've ever had (and I really have had some 'professional' and expensive ones!!)!Your HAPPY FEET thing RULEZ!!

  13. Gina, German Beergarten Rettich. First Year some what ok, after that no go. They taste terrific ,shreaded with olive oil, lemon juice, a bit balsamic vinager and a pinch of sugar and salt.

  14. Hi Classie, this particular rettich is so amazing. It gets to be a pretty good size but always stays nice and tender. Not many people grow them, their seeds are difficult to come by. Have to go to Germany. Have not tried the olive oil with them, but that makes good sense. it would even out the taste a bit.
    I wonder if they really serve them at the Beergarten in Munich.