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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is real and what is faux?

Can you tell?

As you enter and leave Mt. Pleasant (a small town next to our town) you will see 2 very large, 4-sided flower boxes. I was asked to paint the cement rocks so that they would mimic the real thing.

A year has passed and no one is the wiser. They look like natural stone, don't they?

Applying a faux finish to cement is easy. I have painted many cement fireplaces so that they look like marble and every kind of stone you can think of. Even applied gold leaf directly onto cement.

The secret? So simple. Only use water based paints. Paint directly onto cement. Use natural sea sponges and goose feathers and paint each cement "stone" seperately. Seal with a clear sealer such as "Okon".



  1. Wow! I can't tell the difference at all. Great job Gina. What a talent!

  2. Hi Janet, Anyone can do this and do it well. When I painted the cement boxes, I was asked to teach a bunch of young fellows. They were introduced to me as "helpers". They ended up with more paint on themselves than on the cement. But we all had a lot of fun.

  3. Oh, Gina, this is brilliant!!! I know you say anyone can do this but really, you are so skilled. This caught my eye immediately as we are right in the middle of putting stone veneer on our super-ugly 55-foot retaining wall that flanks our woodland garden. So, I have stone on the brain! Really beautiful job. Another reason I am intrigued to visit you! Have a wonderful day. xo – g

  4. Georgianna, Oh boy, a woodland garden. How intriguing.
    Really this faux finish is one of the easiest. I can send you detailed instructions. The secret is to have the right colors which are applied with a wet seasponge. The veins have to be somewhat angular, but no X's, nor Y's, no Z's and no W's. Veins are easy to paint with a large goose feather.

    The cement contractors now have stamps, that are pressed into wet cement. That is what forms the "rocks"

    I would love for you to come for a visit. Guesthouse is always ready and champagne is always on ice.