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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Have you discovered Dill?

Dill is perfect for your flower garden and perfect for your flower arrangements.

It helps keep the water fresh in your vase.

And when it comes time for canning in the Fall, you have an unlimited supply of dill to share with your friends. What about your cucumber salad? How about your salmon dishes? And, most summer salads benefit from a little addition of dill. I can't imagine a potatoe salad without dill.

I even sell it to our local Grocer.



  1. I adore dill in cooking but don't grown any. Heaven knows, I have enough room to, so now I'm inspired. You're so clever, growing enough to sell locally! Have a great Sunday. – g

  2. Hi Georgianna, one little seed packet will cover a very large area. Mix with other annual seeds. So easy to grow in sun or shade. Looks pretty all year.

    Georgianna, have you noticed my new header? It is almost the same as the old one, only a little darker. My posts were competing with the lighter colors. I guess I'm just so into strong colors.

    I do love the soft colors of your blog.

    Have a happy Sunday, oxoxox, Gina

  3. I've never grown dill, I buy it dry in huge quantities because I love it. I hope to be able to find the seeds! How do you use it to keep water fresh?

  4. Hi Francesa, I combine dill with my flower arrangements. It looks wonderful when it is in that lovely chartreuse green phase. Then it turns a darker green and then, finally, brown.

    Dill seed is easy to find. It is an annual. Once you seed it into your garden it will selfsow every year. The wind will blow the seeds in the most unexpected places. However, it never becomes a nuisance because it is easy to pull up where it is not wanted.

    One packet of dill seed will provide plenty of dill for you and all of your neighbors. You can collect the seed heads in the Fall, it comes true from seed.

    Let me know if you can not find the seed. I will send you a packet.