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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding Flowers

Needed something to do.

My friends know me. I don't do anything halfway. "Gina's Extravagant Flowers" was born. A few how-to-books, and a few weeks of apprenticeship with a floral designer, I was in business. And then there was a problem, the flowers I wanted to use in my designs were too extravagant and also too expensive for most pocketbooks.

I have worked since I was 15 years old... and then, all of a sudden, I was retired. I have always loved flowers and thought that one day I would have a simple flower stand and sell bunches of flowers for $2.98.

These little girls were thrilled with my headdress designs

And a little more color for the bridesmaids

Mother of the Bride and the Bride. All white with a hint of peach. Extravagant Flowers combined with wild sweet pea vines

A headdress of exotics

I loved working with flowers but I do love painting Italian Renaissance ceramics even more.


  1. You amaze me!! How wonderful to have the resources to pursue your dreams like this. I love that you do everything with such passion and impact and beauty! – g

  2. got your giveaway today, going to post about it at the weekend. It's so lovely! Thanks a million!!!!

  3. Hi Gosia, I'm delighted that you received your "Fancy Feet". You are so welcome. I look forward to seeing your post.

  4. That's why your blue greenhouse is such an amazing place! The bouquet with the wild sweet pea vines and the headdress with the jasmine are so pretty. I would have loved working with flowers, but I never did. This area, along the coast, is called Riviera dei Fiori, because of all the greenhouses where Italian flowers were grown. It's now apparently cheaper to import flowers from north africa.

  5. ok, Gina. My post is ready and posted:))

  6. One more thing...
    Gina, if you don't mind I would like to post you as one of 5 bloggers Holly asked us to blog about in the final BYW homework.

    How about answering these 3 questions:
    1. What 3 adjectives would you choose to describe yourself?
    2. Why do you blog?
    3. What is the best part of blogging?


  7. Hi Gosia, I like your post about my foot scrubbers or what I call "Fancy Feet". They really work don't they.
    And Gosia, I am flattered that you have chosen one of my blogs for our lst weeks BYW homework. Here are the answers to your questions.
    1) Because I love to share
    2) When I become involved in peoples' lifes from all over the world.
    3) Loyal, Positive, Dependable, not adjectives but how my husband describes me.

  8. hello gina,
    its late here in germany...but i read your comment on my blog...and i was so touching about your words...thanks so much for your lovley comment...it was a pleasure for me to meet you all and to jump to your blogs...really...and it isn´t over...we can visit eachothers everytime we want...;)...so thanks so much for your support and for be here...with your amazing art work...wish you a lovley weekend and see you here, there or monday once again in class...big hugs cheers ines

  9. Gina, thanks for the answers! I'll let you know about the post!

  10. Gosia, Great. Have a nice weekend.