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Saturday, September 18, 2021

So satisfying when they become more spectacular every year!

 All they need is lots of water and filtered sunshine

Tuberous Begonias

They will sleep in the greenhouse

They usually show new growth in March-April

Blooms appear where leaves point

Planned on picking my plums yesterday.  

Raccoons did the job for me AND they ate all of my grapes.  

I would love to join their midnight raids,

but I'm a coward, Raccoons are mean. 

Happy days to you, 



  1. Beautiful begonias! Love the colors! I'm so sorry about your plums, Gina. Raccoons are precocious creatures, that's for sure. The squirrels always seem to get to mine before they become ripe enough to pick.

    1. Hello Lisa, I wish that I could say that my raccoons are precocious. Mine are downright mean. I'm afraid to go out in the middle of the night and I can't send out my dog. They would kill her post haste.
      Thank you for your visit.

  2. What beautiful begonias. I've never grown them, but my mother has several huge pots of them on her porch. They are so colourful.
    Too bad about the plums and the grapes. I wouldn't want to mess with a raccoon, either.
    Enjoy the waning summer days.

    1. Dear Lorrie,
      You would enjoy growing tuberous begonias. They are the easiest flower to take care off. Just find them a dark and cool spot to overwinter and the next thing you know they begin growing again.

    2. So now Lorrie has asked and you have answered my question about whether or not I needed a greenhouse to overwinter tuberous begonias! I will try them and hope they look at enticing as yours do, Gina! Those colors are so vibrant and cheery!

      Terrible news about losing your plums.

    3. Dear Mary, My tuberous begonias have been around for a while. That is why they have so many large blooms. I have left them in the same ceramic pots for all these years never feeding them. Tubers increase in size every year. So give them a little time.

  3. Oh no Gina, so sorry the beastly raccoons snuck in there and ate your lovely plums and grapes. They can be vicious animals and best to distance yourself when they're around! Do you have a family of them?
    The begonias are gorgeous though - I've never tried growing them here - we are in dire need of color, everything has died back now and the leaves are starting to change - even some falling from the fig tree this weekend. Autumn is almost here.
    Sending hugs, hope all is going well for you dear friend.
    Mary XX

    1. Dear Mary,
      There must be twenty or more raccoons visiting us every night. For years we didn't have a problem (after all Mr G had captured more than 550 raccoons over a 20 year period.
      It would be interesting to see if begonias like your climate. I would give them a try. They don't want much.
      It's going to freeze tonight. Will have to make sure that my favorite plants will make it into the greenhouse.